June 13, 2013

Serbs for Serbs Easter action in KosMet

Members and friends of our charity organization, Serbs for Serbs, visited several families in Kosovo and Metohija over the last weekend in May. The focus of the Easter action was to meet new families and identify those in need of help. We visited the Keljevic and Cukic families from Zubin Potok municipality, and the Pesic family from Klina whom we bought a cow in worth of 124.000 dinars.

The Keljevic family consists of father, Goran, mother, Sneza, and sons, Milan (14), Veljko (12) and Milos (5). Only the mother and the youngest son were present when we visited. When we asked Milos what his favorite toy was, he responded that he had never had a toy. Thanks to the support of donors and friends, we were able to deliver several bags of toys and clothing to Milos and his family.

The Keljevic family lives in an old, run-down house given to them by a neighbor. Their only communication with the outside world is an old radio. The family urgently needs an electric stove, beds, a refrigerator, a closet, tables and chairs and at least two goats.

We then travelled to the village of Jabuke (part of the Zubin Potok municipality) where we visited with the Cukic family, bringing bags of toys and needed clothing. Members of the family are grandmother, Gorica, father, Slobodan, mother, Dobrila, daughters Gordana (9), Viktorija (7) and son, Petar (4).

The children all have skin rashes but have no access to physicians who can treat them.

The family lives in a two-room house and desperately needs a bathroom and at least another room. They also need beds, an electric stove and a freezer.

On the Sunday of that weekend, we attended Holy Liturgy at the Visoki Decani Monastery.

After the Liturgy, Father Isaija accompanied us during our visit to the Pesic family. Our donation to the Pesic family was a cow (valued at 124.000 dinars). The family of six consists of parents, Aleksandar and Vesna, and their children, Ivana (16), Bojana (14), Jovana (11) and Pavle (5).

With this last visit, our Easter action came to an end. We were encouraged to find that there are Serbian families who are determined to remain on holy Serbian land. These families deserve the support of us all, as they struggle to raise their children and provide them with a secure future.  

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