May 17, 2014

SERBS FOR SERBS delivered first help!
The situation in both Serbia and the Republic of Srpska is tragic. The third night in a row is sleepless. In the next 24 hours we expect the 100-year maximum of ever recorded water level of rivers Vrbas, Bosna, Drina, Sava, Kolubara... and finally Dunav downstream of Belgrade. By Saturday morning over 4.000 people have been evacuated from Obrenovac and its suburbs. However, the water is not decreasing. The embankment near the steam power plant in Obrenovac, which provides over 70% of electricity for entire Serbia broke down during the night. Early in the morning the additional embankment was established near the grain elevator in Sabac and Crna Bara village, but the river Sava has reached its historical maximum of over 680 cm. Upon the SfS appeal, the diaspora stood up. We thank all the people of good will. We move on. Serbs for Serbs delivered during the day several hundreds of kilograms of various charity help in cooperation with the Gendarmerie of Serbia to the endangered people in Obrenovac.


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