October 06, 2014

Serbs for Serbs collected million EUR

http://www.srbizasrbe.net/images/Srbija/2014/slika4.pngCharity organization Serbs for Serbs collected at mid-August over million EUR of donations for the endangered children and families accross Balkan, and for the endangered ones in May floods. Since 2005 under the slogan “Children are our future”, the organization had helped over 500 families with many children and provided necesarry and valuable charity help for the most endangered part of the Serbian people in Serbia and in the region. The official website of the organization (www.srbizasrbe.org) has recorded over seven million visits!


Thanks to the official branches of the organization in Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Austria, Switzerland, United States of America and Germany, and a great number of donors and friends of the organization worldwide, Serbs for Serbs collected the necesarry means and provided charity help for hundreds of families accross Balkan.


Apart from building and repairing dozens of houses, we provided help by donating refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washing machines and other household appliances, built and equiped great number of bathrooms, children's rooms (beds, closets, tables, computers, toys and school equipment). The organization provided help for the families from villages as well – tractors, greenhouses, cows, sheep and goats – to enable them to sustain their children.


The organization Serbs for Serbs stands out for its transparent way of work and great number of individual donors who participate in charity actions on a monthly basis. On its official website (www.srbizasrbe.org) and social networks (www.facebook.com/srbizasrbe, www.twitter.com/srbizasrbe) the organization releases its list of donors and insight on all of its bank accounts daily, which represents the unique example in the work of charity organizations in Serbia.


The organization Serbs for Serbs will, in cooperation with similar organizations, the Serbian Orthodox Church, media and numerous friends accross Europe and the world, continue the valuable charity work for te benefit of endangered families accross Balkan so that the necesarry charity help could reach the vast number of endangered children.

Children are our future!

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS

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