February 12, 2015

Serbs for Serbs-Christmas action in Nis

Facing the fact that hundreds of thousands of families are celebrating the most joyful holidays in poverty and distress and that tens of thousands of children never feel the joy of getting presents, this Christmas the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the ORNAS Students’ Union gave joy to the Kneževic and Milivojevic families of seven from Nis. Watch a video report HERE.


First in line was the seven-member Knezevic family, who moved to Nis from the Republic of Srpska several years ago and whose members do not have citizenship of the Republic of Serbia even after four years because of the negligence of the authorities. As a result, the family has no income because they do not have the right to receive welfare and child benefit. Members of the family are the parents, Miodrag and Dragana and the children Milica (9), Dimitrije (6), the twins Sofija and Ksenija (3) and Sonja, the youngest (1).

Left at the mercy of no one, the family spent the days preceding Christmas in a very difficult situation. On this occasion, they received help which consisted of basic foodstuffs in the amount of 7,644 RSD. We also give thanks to the citizens of Niš who gave their contribution to the action. Members of the Serbs for Serbs Charity organization together with members of ORNAS Students’ Union delivered help to the Knežević family days before Christmas. We owe special gratitude to Trg bakery and Verona café-pizzeria for contributing to this action.

The twins, Sofija and Ksenija Knežević

The second family we visited was the seven-member Milivojevic family, whose bathroom was renovated out of donations from the “Trojka iz bloka” project in Nis. Members of the Milivojević family are the parents Dragiša and Mariola and the children Miodrag (11), Miljana (9), Milidar (7), Milunka (6), and Momcilo (4). This family also lives in hard living conditions and this was a good reason to visit them and give joy to the children by giving them a big package of confectionery.

Together with the youngest of the Milivojevic family

We call upon all kind-hearted people to continue supporting the work of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and in this way help and give joy to numerous children who really need help.


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