September 24, 2016

SFS visit the Zenar family from Banat

Shortly after “Troka iz Bloka”  tournament last visited Banat (the tournament was held in Crepaja on 27th of August), the coordinators of this sports-humanitarian project alongside with the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the six-members Zenar family from Banatsko Novo Selo, that consist of father Jovan and mother Dragana and their four daughters – Andjelina (8), Ana Marija (6), Alisa (4) and Andjela (2).

The Zenar family is a typical family from Banat that tries to keep the peace and harmoney present in their every day lives, despite the scarcity of their financial situation. Unfortunately, both parents are unempoloyed. Jovan lost his job in the construction firm due to the firm’s unfavorable financial predicament, while the mother Dragana was home taking care of their children.

Except for the social aid, the Zenar family is left with no other income. The father of the family tries to find as many part-time jobs as possible so he could provide for his family. However, Jovan is often limited due to his serious injured-spine condition.  Despite the difficult situation they are in, the Zenar family keeps trying to make the ends meet without going into the depts.

The Zenar family lives in 40м2 rented apartment that is made up of two small rooms, a little dinning room with a kitchen and a very small improvised-looking bathroom (with no shower, no bathtub and no sink). The family also lacks a washing machine, an electric stove and basic furniture, so the parents and the youngest child are forced to sleep on a sofa, while the three other children sleep in the next room sharing only one bed. Jovan also helps the neighbors cut their wood, where he gets the extra wood that is not needed and that way helps his family stay warm by using a wood burning stove.

With the resources raised from the TROJKA IZ BLOKA tournament, we are doing our best to help the family finally get a washing machine, an electric stove and basic decent furniture. We also invite you all to join us and help Jovan find a stable every-day job that will help him provide for his family.

We welcome all the people who are willing to help to make a donation and join the projects of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization with the aim to make lives better for the socially endangered multiple-members family throughout the Balkan territory.

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