June 05, 2017

Serbs for Serbs Canada - Palacinka Party 2017

Along with $6,060.00 raised at the Palacinka Party, an additional $5,250.00 was sent from Canada to help the Petrovic family from donations collected earlier in the year.

Serbs for Serbs will build them a new home so that the children and remaining family members will be able to live under normal conditions.

Youth, patriotism and big hearts are a recipe for success.

Thanks to the small army of volunteers who worked in the kitchen and who helped to serve, our fundraiser went smoothly. We thank all our dear friends who brought palacinke and worked in the kitchen.

We want to especially thank our beautiful young supporters who showed up in large numbers to help us serve palacinke, sell coffee and t-shirts, and collect email addresses. And finally, thank you to the parishioners who have shown trust in our organization, by each year turning out to support our fundraiser.

God willing, see you next year.


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