October 18, 2016

Serbs for Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija

Representors of Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization in cooperation with friends from organization Majka devet Jugovića (Mother of nine Jugović brothers) of Eparchy of Raška and Prizren have visited 20 families from a wide area of central and northern Kosovo in last 20 days. Mission of this visit was getting on with the needs of families that have been suggested for help, in order to provide more efficient over needed things for normalizing and upgrading life conditions. We are planning to help a few more families which have not been visited during this visit because of objective reasons but have been marked as families which need this kind of help.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/arsic.jpg Arsić family with representatives of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs

Action was started visiting the Arsić family from Izvor. Family is consisted by parents Dragan and Svetlana and their two daughters Tijana (20) and Tamara (17). http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/arsic1.jpg House in which they currently live is in very bad condition, so their plan is to build new house, with about 70m2 on their property. Needed help that they have marked as necessary is building material for house constructing.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/jovanovic.jpg Jovanović family in their home with representatives of the Organization

After that in Straža village we visited two families. Siniša Jovanović’s family which is, from two weeks ago, bigger for another member, baby Stefan. In family lives mother Dragana, too. In newly built modest little house settled this family, which, until getting of this house, was moving from one to another abandoned house. Their goal is sheep breeding so priority for them is acquiring of 5-6 sheep, so as baby crib and all other supporting things needed for newborn. Unfortunately, Siniša recently suffered a stroke and is under wide therapy. Basic income are minimum wage and social help.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stojanovic.jpg Members of Stojanović family in front of their house

We left further to Stojanović family which we have visited and helped in 2011. (supplied with 4 beds, laundry machine and four chairs). We are reminding that family is consisted by parents Gradimir and Biserka and sons Miloš (27), Igor (26), Stefan (25) and Aleksandar (17). One of the hardest situations that we have ever faced during our perennial work in Kosovo and Metohija. Like five years ago, situations haven’t changed at all, of course. Difficult psycho-physical condition both parents and two sons, which still suffer from traumas survived during NATO aggression on our country. Lack of bathroom, bad conditions in which they live and too modest incomes further complicate the whole situation.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stojanovic1.jpg Difficult conditions in which live Stojanović family in Kosovo and Metohija

Bathroom would be the most significant thing that would facilitate the everyday life of the family, but the problem is the lack of water in the entire village. In addition the proposal is the rehabilitation of existing living space, some of implements (mower or tiller) or to purchase particular furniture as refrigerators, beds and chairs.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/djordjevic.jpg Biljana Đorđević from Bostane village in her family’s home

Next family, in which we found similar situation, is family of Đorđević Stanoje and Biljana in Bostane village (hamlet Čuljkovci). Except of mother Biljana and granny, we found no one else at home, so we got necessary information from them. Biljana and Stanoje have three children, Sladjana (24), Radovan and Aleksandar. Also, the main problem is the lack of bathroom. They don’t have other incomes except pension, and most important of furniture would be wardrobes and beds.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stankovic.jpg Grandmother Trajanka and granddaughter Milica Stanković from Bušince

In Bušince village we visited family of Dragan and Trajanka Stanković. They have two sons, Bojan (34) and Dušan (25). Dušan is married to Sanja (25) and they have a baby, Milica (1). Needed help should consist of constructing material (or just wall tiles) for finishing floor constructing, so that younger sun could move there with his family.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/jevtic.jpg Dimitrije and Nadica Jevtić in front of the stall where they had the cows stolen

After that we went to Jevtić family in Mešina village, which consists of parents Dimitrije and Nadica and sons, Slobodan (27) and Marko (24). Unfortunatly, there we heard another upsetting story. About only ten days ago they had their two cows and calf stolen from their courtyard. They spent many years of hard work and sacrifice for rising and taking care of them. Big damage was made to this family, the only one that has stayed with children in this village. Without any signs that the case will be solved, and a theft caught, a clear message has been sent to Jevtić family with this move. In order to help the Jevtić family to get the damage refunded, deal is to help them with buying a cow or balers for tractor.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/moskic.jpg Members of Moskić family from village Vrbovac in their household

We continued our trip to household of family Moskić in Vrbovac village. Family consists of parents Siniša and Jovanka and adult children Miloš (30), Bojana (28) and the youngest Aleksandar (26), which is married to Nataša (22) and have baby Jovana (5 months). This hardworking family is deling with agriculture and cultivates on five acres. So as Jevtić family, Moskić’s were dealing with stealing of stock from their property two times in last few years. To make old house/building on their property capable for living for needs of the youngest son and his family, their wish is to manage building material (entering a door, 2 windows, 4 room doors, tiles and bathroom equipment).

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/petkovic.jpg Petković family with representatives of Organization in village Parteš

In the village Parteš we visited family Petković, parents Srdjan and Danijela and children Stefan (24), Nikola (20), Bogdan (18), Bojana (14) and Pavle (3). Until only 2 weeks ago, father was employed as guard of hospital in Gnjilane, which brought any such incomes to this family with many children. Unfortunatly, again comes to the fore horrible everyday of Serbs in enclaves. Few Albanians beat up Srdjan at his working place, with message that there is no more place for him at the working place, only because he is Serb. Terrible shot, having in a mind that only the happiest in places like this have that luck to have a full time job. Biggest need of this family is renovation of bathroom (shower cabin), so as getting of basic home equipment like wood burning stove, laundry machine or kitchen equipment.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/marinkovic.jpg Members of organization Serbs for Serbs with Marinković family in Paralovo village

The last family that was visited on the first day was the family of Srdjan i Gordana Marinković from the village Paralovo. Three daughters live with them, Kristina (19), Milena (17) and Lidija (15). Srdjan works in public kitchen, and, besides that, only income is the minimum wage. Through talking with them, we have been indicated that beside basic furniture, fridge, three beds and stove, some help in the renovation of the basement would be nice. The basement would be made capable for living. For this purpose are needed windows, door, connecting electricity, concreting, and water pump.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/josifovic.jpg Photo with the Velić family

We started the second day by visiting families in Gračanica. First we visited family of Slaviša and Sladjana Velić, which has three children, Milica (20), Andjela (16) and Aleksa (12). The most needed thing for them are household items like cooker, fridge and 32m2 of laminate.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/velic.jpg Josifović family with representors of the Organization in Gračanica

Not far from them we visited the Josifović family, Slavoljub and Jelena, which have a baby, Viktor (4). Next to them in the household live Slavoljub’s brother Ljubiša, sister Sonja and mother Marija. They need their floors fixed, because under them is only ground. Estimated is that they need 50m2 of smoothing layer and laminate, and about 15m2 of tiles. They also need one laundry machine.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stakic.jpg Slaviša and Jelena Stakić from Donja Gušterica with members of the Organization

Next family we visited was the Stakić family from Donja Gušterica, which is displaced from Štimlje and is now living as subtenant. The family consists of parents Slaviša and Jelena and children Tijana (22), Tamara (20) and Miljana (19). They managed to make a garden, which they till, in their courtyard, so they would use one smaller thrower. Because they are subtenants, only option is buying of basic household items, three beds, laundry machine and wood burning stove.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stojkovic.jpg Father Živorad and son Oliver Stojković in Kuzmin with Serbs for Serbs

In the Kuzmin village we visited three sibling houses, which are situated one next to another. First family is Stojković Živorad and Djemilja (Albanian woman) and children Nikola (18), Andrijana (15), Bojan (13), Oliver (11) and Strahinja (6). Since we already helped them a few years ago, this time suggestion is to provide them electric cooker.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stojkovic2.jpg The Stojković family with organization Serbs for Serbs in front of their home

Next family was also Stojković, Siniša and Vesna, with their children Stefan (20) and Kristina (14). Plan is to purchase some basic household items, electric cooker or freezer.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stojkovic3.jpg Žarko and Marica Stojković in front of their house in Kuzmin

The third Stojković family which we visited is consisted of parents, Žarko and Marica, and children Igor (28) and Ivana (26). So as their siblings, the proposal is to provide electric cooker.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/simijonovic.jpg The Simijonović family in front of their old, dilapidated house in the Batuse

We also visited the Batuse village, more precisely, single mother Sonja Simijonović, which in really dilapidated house lives with sons Milan (14) and Marko (13) and with her deaf-dumb father Krsta. In conversation with Sonja, we found that here to they need basic furniture, more precisely a lack of laundry machine and electric cooker. Besides that, useful would be help in purchasing 2 beds for sons.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/stolic1.jpg The Stolić family from the Ugljare village in front of their home

We used the chance to visit the Stolić family from Ugljare. The Stolić family counts five minors, Andjela (14), Ivana (12), Nikola (8), Andrija and Jovan (5), and aid for them we delivered two times during 2011. (table, fridge, kitchen water heater, sink, water heater for bathroom, 2 beds, bunk bed, laundry machine, closet and chairs). We made sure that the most of the things which were purchased five years ago are still in a good shape. This time the Stolić’s need serious construction works (changing and recovery of floors and installation of smaller entrance door).  Also, it’s necessary to purchase water pump so to enable ordinarily water supply, so as new toilet accessories.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/sobota1.jpg The Šobota family in the Plemetina village with members of the organization

Near place Obilić, in the Plemetina village, we visited the Šobota family, which consists of parents Vladimir and Marija and children Živorad (17), Žarko (15) and Teodora (13). http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/sobota2.jpg House in which they live is really poor, more precisely, roof and attic are totally non-settled. As the most urgent help, they marked material for reconstruction of the roof (beams and lattice), in order for roof not to collapse. Besides that, electric cooker would mean a lot to this family.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/antovic.jpg Serbs for Serbs in front of the Antonović family’s house in Korilje village

We visited last two families in area northern from Kosovska Mitrovica. In the village of Korilje near Zvečan we visited family Antonović, Nikola and Janica, with children Radmila (10) and Ružica (7). Family business is breeding of goats and their plan is to create a stable for 30 goats. Needed aid would be material for creating of a stable worth about 1.000 € and one milking machine for goats.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/jovanovic1.jpg With Jovanović family in front of their family home under construction

Our visit to Kosovo and Metohija we are finishing at Janković family from Gornje Jarinje. Father Miloš and mather Dragica live in unfinished house with three children, daughters Jovana (24) and Andjelina (22) and a son Gojko (16). This hardworking family is also internally displaced from Obilić. Most useful aid for them would be material for the construction of the roof, so the house would no longer get wet during rains. House size is about 60 m2.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kosmet/2016/Oktobar/sg.jpg Albanian extremists broke the memorial board of sufferers from Staro Gacko

We used the time to make a short visit to the sufferers from Staro Gacko, which sent words of support and thanks, as one of just few organizations which haven’t forgot that there still survives isolated Serbian community.   As we are assured for the umpteenth time and during this new visit, life of our compatriots at Kosovo and Metohija is everything except life. Big majority is still scraping on poor minimum wage, in lack of the serious job, their life conditions are unworthy of the time in which we live, and the concept of law and justice doesn’t exist for a while. All this most affects young people, who certainly does not deserve to grow up without a childhood, isolated and marked only because they are Serbs. Goal to which we strive as an organization is to fix as much as we can and to persevere despite all the problems we face in order to enable Serbian people to stay and survive at their ancestral homes in the hearth of Serbia.   Call for participation in this unfair battle which we battle for more than a decade is open for all well-intentioned people.

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