June 09, 2014

Serbs for Serbs and friends for Krupanj

In the organization of the St. Sava Missionary Community from Vrbovac and the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, in the Smederevo area from St. Nicholas day, the collection of the humanitarian help for Krupanj commenced. We collected a large amount of help, above all, bottled water, canned food, baby food, hygiene, chemical cleaners, blankets, children wardrobe and the rest of the needs for the endangered areas.

On Monday, May 26 we went from Vrbovac, with the blessing of father Dusan, towards Krupanj, by the loaded van and caravan also loaded with humanitarian help.


The road to Sabac went without big problems. We went to Cer. The van was lifted only a few centimetres from the ground, due to the cargo. Approximately 40 km before Krupanj, the tire pumped out in the middle of nowhere in the mountain. Thanks to the inhabitants and the workers who are repairing the road we managed to overcome that problem and replace the tire.


We used the opportunity to visit the monument to the heroes in the Battle for Cer. YOUR DEEDS ARE IMMORTAL!


After that the road was worse, and it was rare until Krupanj to see the paved road! Many parts are havily damaged due to floods and escarpment.


About 15 km before Krupanj, the sky overcasted, and it went dark in the middle of the day! Heavy rain and hail begun to fall! Torrent and large amounts of water appeared on the road, which already had escarpment on many places. We entered the town during heavy rain.



After nearly six hours of journey we went to Krupanj downtown and entered the church courtyard. People have already gathered there, so we immediately commenced unloading the humanitarian help.


Thank God, the rain stopped after a while. If it had continued for an hour or two, Krupanj would have probably been in big problems again. After we delivered the humanitarian help, we went to see the town. We have seen pictures and footage on TV but when you see it on the spot, the scenes of disaster astonish you! Many houses are completely destroyed or damaged, the roads are ruined, there are escarpment in many places... the town suffered great destruction.




People of Krupanj need all kind of help. So far the help is coming from all sides, but we are worried that after the euphoria stops, Krupanj might be forgotten. We must not allow that. They need long-term help. Thank everyone who participated in the action. We are aware of the fact it is only a drop in the sea in comparison to the needs, but someone will have the benefit of that. We owe special thank to the people from Vrbovac and Drugovac who answered the appeal for collecting help.

Nenad Milojevic, Smederevo  

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