January 30, 2015

Serbinan day in New York

Report: Strahinja Matejic
On Sunday, the 19th of October, the day celebrating St. Thomas the Apostle, the Serbs from New York gathered in the Temple of St. Sava in Manhattan. On the same day, Saint Patron’s day of the Circle of Serbian Sisters, a society which has been working and helping in this city, was also venerated. It was this particular society that was the first to engage in collecting donations and fundraising activities with the aim of helping the families which were hit the most by the floods in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska during the summer.

A congregation of about a hundred believers attended the church service and a festal lunch was attended by around seventy people. Among them was a member of a Charity organization ‘Serbs for Serbs’, Strahinja Matejic. Strahinja is a sophomore student of a prestigious Grinnell College in Iowa, who was staying in New York for the autumn holidays. The aim was to introduce this part of our Diaspora with our organization and distributing annual reports for the year 2013. The discussion was organized with the blessing of father Djokan and the rest of the clergy, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

Collaboration was arranged in terms of spreading the information from our organization through the Church’s website. Furthermore, all in attendance expressed the will to help the work of the Charity organization ‘Serbs for Serbs’ through monthly donations and other forms of action we organize, while a special gratitude was expressed because of the transparency of operations our organization so emphasizes. Many of the believers in attendance come from the areas struck by the devastating floods as well as from the areas which were the centers of conflicts during the wars of the 1990’s and could therefore find the right way to give the help where it was most needed.

A similar action was planned for Saturday, November 8th, on Great Martyr Dmitry’s day (Mitrovdan) in the Serbian Orthodox Church in Des Moines, Iowa. By doing this, the Humanitarian Organization ‘Serbs for Serbs’ wanted, above other things, to inform its donors of the work done in the previous year and the further scheduled projects as well as to connect the Diaspora with our organization and to affirm the assiduity in helping those who need help the most.

We invite all donors, members, friends and supporters to, in accordance with their possibilities, be a part of the action Fighting the Floods aiming at providing the necessary humanitarian aid for the endangered areas in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.  

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