December 26, 2010

Serbian Monastery in New Carlisle,IN

Few members of Charity organizations Serbs for Serbs from the U.S., visited today the Serbian Orthodox monastery in New Carlisle, Indiana.
This monastery is a beautiful place that we recommend for visit to every Serb and all Orthodox in U.S.A. Monastery looks like an old medieval Serbian monastery, but was built and consecrated in 1994. (Just 2 hours away from Chicago,IL)

Nesteled in the rolling hills of nothwestern Indiana, far away from the noise and bustle of big cities,on a spaceus piece of wooded land that resembles the fertlile regions of Shumadija ,lies the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God. Although the monastery was build and consecrated in 1994, the idea of a Serbian monastery in America was conseived much earlier and was beyond any doubt guided by the Will of God. It was a reflection and  the realization of a long-time wish of mother Evpraskija(Paunovic) , who later become the first abbess of the monastery. Together with hieromonk Gabriel and sisters Paraskeva and Antonina and with blessing of His Grace Bishop Mitrophan, Mother Evparaksija searched for a way to found a monastic community in North America that would reflect the way of life of such holy places as Zhicha ,Studenica and Ljubostinja, and other old Serbian monasteries. The funds for building the monastery came as a gift from God: Mrs.Olga Popov, a devout Russian woman and a great friend of the Serbian people left the sisterhood a substantial amount of money for the monastery building fund. By Divine Providence , the monastery never lacked benefactors and donors.

The Monastery was consecrated on June 19, 1994 , on the Feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Holy liturgy was served by His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Pavle together with several bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church and numerous priests and hieromonks from both Serbia and the diaspora, in the presence of many faithful people.

Location of the monastery:

32787 Early Road, New Carlisle,IN 46552

Enjoy in this pictures of this beautiful monastery.


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