August 17, 2012

Baštionik for the Zdjelar family

Activists of the association Serbian assembly Baštionik and the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Prijedor, visited and delivered money raised in the action „Help for the Zdjelar family“ on July 27.
The total amount raised was 640 KM. 240 KM were used to buy the groceries and other necessities for the house. The rest of the money was taken to the local store as a deposit, with the agreement that the members of the family buy groceries every day, in the amount of 40 KM per day. It should be enough for 40 days, but that doesn't solve the problems of this family who is living in extremely difficult conditions, hard to imagine in the XXI century.
Serbian assembly Baštionik, Serbs for Serbs and the representative of an Italian charity organization, commenced the action of settling the status of the parcel in which the family is located. Afterwards, the house should be built on the parcel. The activist of the Serbian assembly Baštionik visited the Center for social care in Prijedor, which promised to help settle the children under the normal conditions.
The local priest Đorđe has baptized all the children a few months ago.
We call upon all the people of good will, who wish to help, to call the Baštionik in the bookstore Riznica in the shoping mall Vidović in Banja Luka (Jevrejska bb) or on the phone 051/211-802, or to the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Prijedor on the phone 065/452-789, or via mail:
May God help us!

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