February 20, 2014

Second part of the help for Kosmet delivered

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, in the scope of the Christmas action of helping our people on Kosovo and Metohija, provided used connectors for tractor to the families who depend upon agriculture. During October last year we visited several families and agreed to buy the connectors. On this occasion we helped five families. The connectors we provided consisted of the following: tedders, two plows, a trailer and a hydrophor in the total amount of 259.000 dinars.

Family Marinkovic, village Paralovo, tedders

Members of family Marinkovic are parents Srdjan and Gordana with children Danijela (18), Kristina (17), Milena (16), Lidija (11).

Family Simijonovic, village Straza, plow

Members of family Simijonovic are Blagoje and Slavica, who have three sons Bojan, Goran and Marko and all of them are married and have ona child for now. Bojan and Svetlana have a son David (2), Goran and Danijela have a son Aleksandar (1) and the youngest Marko have wife Sladjana and son Kristijan (4).

Jancic Mladen, village Prekovce, plow

Near family Simijonovic lives a single mother Slavica Jancic with her two children: Andjela (17) and Mladen (15).

Trailer for family Peric, village Izvor

Family Peric from the village Izvor consists of Dragan and Trnjanka and their four children: Dejan (15), Danijela (11), Kristina (7) and Irena (1).

In the village Zebince, for the family of Zivojin and Ana Kostic and their children Tijana (9), Mihajlo (7), Aleksandar (5) and Danica (3) we provided hydrophor with pipes.

We use this opportunity to thank our friends from the Charity organization Majka devet Jugovica, who helped us to deliver all the connectors to the endangered Serbian families on Kosovo and Metohija.  

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