March 29, 2016

Second part of the Christmas help on Kosovo and Metohija

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs has succesfully finished the delivery of the second part of help to families on Kosovo and Metohija within the Christmas action. During February, we delivered the vast part of the help to families who had been previosly visited at the end of December 2015. During the Christmas action we helped 14 Serbian families in the enclaves in northern Kosmet in the total value of 1,450,000 RSD.

Family Ristic is provided with wood-burning stove

Family Ristic consists of parents Sreten and Sonja and as much as five children: Snezana (16), Jovana (15), Milos (11) and Ivana (10). We started big project for family Ristic in order to provide the means to renovate several rooms in the ground floor of their, to say the least, unsuitable house. The unemployment of parents is a great concern which is related to various other problems and the lack of a serious center for social work because the family needs a good social worker.

Family of Milan Milicevic from Socanica is provided with cow

Besides the families south from Ibar in this action we also helped family Milicevic from Socanica near Leposavic in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija. The family consists of father Milan, mother Sneza and children Jana (17), Perica (14), Nikolina (11) and Mihajlo (4). The host Milan is working in the local Water supply company, they are receiving the child benefit and are engaged in agriculture and we have provided them a cow in order to provide dairy products for their needs and for sale.

Bathroom condition during the first visit

Renovated bathroom of family Arsic

New tiles set in the family Arsic kitchenћ

In New Badovac near Gracanica we helped the young married couple Arsic. Parents Milos and Dragana have two sons, Djordje (3) and a newborn Todor. For the needs of sanation of the bathroom wall we bought tiles, knauf and isolation.

Ivan Jovic next to the delivered construction material

Family Jovic from Lipljane consists of parents Ivan and Jelena, and in their household also live Ivan’s mother and two children: Andjelina (5) and Nikolina (1). The house is in pretty bad state, so we provided construction material for the wall sanation.

Ivan Jovic next to the delivered construction material

Construction material for family Jovic

Family Milic with delivered cow and calf

Family Milic from Skulanevo lives in a small hidebound room in difficult conditions. Family consists of parents Igor and Vera and children Nikolija (2) and Neda (1). We provided a cow with a calf for the family.
Father Isaia with Serbs for Serbs and family Djuric

Doors and windows for family Djuric

New windows installed on the Djuric family home

We call upon all relevant institutions, associations and individuals to understand the seriousness of the whole security situation in our southern province and contribute by providing modest donations in order to provide carefree childhood to Serbian children.

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