December 30, 2015

Second part of aid action in Strpce finished

At the end of last year, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS delivered the second part of aid shipment to five socially disadvantaged families in Strpce Municipality in Kosovo and Metohija. The families were previously visited during the November action. The families that were helped are: Kecic, Krivcevic, Mijatovic, Stojanovic and Dogandzic. The aid consisted of providing doors, windows, goats, a small wood burning stove, fitting up two bathrooms and anteroom, and building a chimney for the previously mentioned families. The total value of the aid was 720,000 Dinars. We owe big gratitude to our friends from the NGO “Majka devet Jugovica, who helped us conduct this action.

Families living in the territory of Strpce Municipality face numerous problems, mainly caused by poor financial situation, illnesses, unemployment, and so on. There are many families on the list of those in need, but the priority was to help the families Kecic, Krivcevic, Mijatovic, Stojanovic and Dogandzic, who had not been helped before and who could use any help they can get. This aid action made the lives of those in need at least a bit easier.

Strahinja Kecic in the fitted bathroom

The Kecic family from Strpce, consisting of the parents, Sladjan and Sladjana, and their children, Strahinja (13), Danilo (11) and Vukan (7), lives in a very old house, which did not have a bathroom. We provided the family with construction material, plumbing supplies, electrical material, sanitary ware, a door, a window and bathroom tiles.

Kecic family in front of their new bathroom

Uros Krivcevic in his new bathroom

The Krivcevic family, from the village of Berevac, consists of the parents, Zoran and Dostana, and their children, Stefan (20), Mirjana (18), Milos (14), and Uros, the youngest. The aid consisted of purchasing material and elements for the bathroom.

Members of the Krivcevic family

Mijatovic family

The Mijatovic family, from Vrebesnica, consists of the parents, Sladjan and Sladjana, and their children, Slobodan (22) with special needs, Sasa (20), Milivoje (12), Milica (12), and Marija (9). They receive welfare and child benefit. They were provided with five goats.

Provided goats

Father Sladjan Mijatovic with goats

Sladjana Stojanovic in front of her home

The Stojanovic family, from Vrebesnica, consists of the widow Sladjana and her children, Valentina (26), Miroslav (21), and Anica (20). The house is divided in two parts, one belonging to them, and the other to her brother-in-law. The mother is a diabetic, and she also has other health problems. All of them are unemployed, and receive welfare of about 7,000 Dinars and a pension of 5,000 Dinars, which she inherited from her late husband. We helped them by building a chimney and buying a front door.

Widow Sladjana beside the built chimney

Front door bought for Stojanovic family

Small wood burning stove provided for Dogandzic family

The Dogandzic family consists of the parents, Srdjan and Marina, and their five children, Marija (17), Stefan (15), Ljubomir (9), Andjela (7), and Jovana (4). The parents are unemployed, and they live in an unfinished house, lacking many basic necessities. The priority was to upgrade a part of the house, provide windows and a small wood burning stove.

Members of the Dogandzic family in front of the upgraded part of the house

A large number of families in Kosovo and Metohija ,who have been helped by donors of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, shows great dedication and fight of benefactors to preserve every home and every family in Kosovo and Metohija, to bring smiles to faces of children who live in very hard conditions, to show support to our people in good and bad times. Let the dear Lord be kind to all donors, because when you give your hand to those in trouble, you give it to the Lord Himself and He will reward your effort with even greater good.


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