January 27, 2016

Saint Sava Serbian Slava!

St. Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich – The Life of Saint Sava
A long time ago, there lived a young prince. He was unusually wise, wealthy and handsome. All doors to world fame and pleasures were open to him. But something inside of him disregarded all those charms and worldly attractions that millions yearned for. And one day, without his parents knowing, he threw the royal escort off the track and ran away to a secluded place, where he settled down as a poor foreigner. His only wish was to enlighten his soul with God’s truth and will and to serve only Him. Years later, this prince, guided by God’s hand, returned from the desert to his country as the prince of the church and spiritual leader of his nation for all times. Although childless, through centuries he has become a father of millions of his spiritual sons and daughters.

This happened more than seven and a half centuries ago, but the spiritual flame which he has lit inside his people still burns, and the number of his spiritual children is constantly increasing. He was kind, but fearless; unusually handsome, yet very modest; very active, but calm; social, yet lonely. He knew how to live nobly in both worlds, so many looked up to him.

Serbs today, out of love for him, erect numerous churches in his name on all continents where the ironic fate scattered them.  

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