January 30, 2016

Saint Sava picnic in Australia

Friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Australia got the idea to organize fundraising at Saint Sava picnic to help Serbian multiple children families. During the previous weekend, in a churchyard of the Saint Sava Monastery near Melbourne267 Euros were collected in a charity box. There are new events and actions planned throughout Australia.

We take this opportunity to thank our donors: Ivan and Dunja Zibar, Zika Mitrovic, Jelica Nikolic, Stoja and Jovo, Milan Pribicevic, Djuja, Cedo Petrovic, Milan Peric, Petar Nedovic, Milena and Ranko, Sreto, M. Kovcin, Zorica Topic, Miroslav Micevic, Ruza Topic, Mile Spiric, Jovo and Dana Draskovic, Gorn D., Dragan Crnadak, Ilija Perac, Petar Topic.

Fundraiser organizers: Dunja and Ivan Zibar

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