July 02, 2014

Sabor Bursaca supported Serbs for Serbs

The association “Sabor Bursaca” held its jubilee 15th convocation on Saturday, June 14. This association was founded at the beginning of 2000, and it has held its convocations annually ever since. The association gathers people who have family name Bursac, it keeps mutual contacts, enables them to spend time together, studies the family background and develops consciousness about the common origin of all Bursacs. The members of the association showed their humanity during the night by gathering money in the amount of 12.450 dinars which was donated to the partner Charity organization Serbs for Serbs as support within the charity project “Fight against the floods”.

This convocation was held in New Belgrade, in “Radnicki” restaurant near the Student city, and it gathered 68 people with the same surname. Vladimir Bursac from Zrenjanin, president of the association, opened the convocation by reporting of the work from the previous year. The priest Krsto Maksic addressed the present, and uttered a prayer.

The guests were entertained by the group “Korjeni” and minstrel Marko Scepanovic who showed his art on ancient instrument. The main aims of the association relate to the keeping of the tradition, increasing the number of members, rejuvenation of membership and finishing the list of all people with the surname Bursac, bearing in mind that during the last year a network of 11 regional trustees was formed. Within the convocation there was a lecture of the family history “Famous people with surname Bursac”.  

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