August 27, 2010

We helped three families in Sabac


Report: Milos Golic, Serbia / ACCOUNTS / / PHOTO GALLERY /

 On Tuesday 24th August, we visited and assisted the three Serbian families in the municipality of Sabac – Misic , Gligoric Crvenković in cooperation with our friends from the Fund Humanitarian heart .. Special thanks to KUD Nikola Tesla in Ushter and Maja Jovanovic who gave a big bags with clothes, shoes and school supplies with the help of representatives of our organization from Switzerland. All goods was appropriate for the children we visited.In addition to the goods that arrived from Switzerland, in this action to help Serbian families we have bought a set of books for the second, fifth and seventh grade.We took the entire school supplies for ten children and several dozen kilograms of hygiene and basic food supplies. Value 50 thousand dinars. 




 HO Serbs for Serbs with Misic family in front of their home

Although we had planned to help the two families, Crvenković and Gligoric, the proposal of Mrs. Ruzica, President of the Fund, we visited and handed over part of the aid in food hygiene and family Misic in the village of Majur. This family consists of Biljana and Dragan parents and their children Bojana (20), Rade (17), Dragana (16), Mirjana (14), Mihajlo (11), Sarah (8), Darko (3) and the youngest Valentina of only 18 months - daughter of oldest Bojana. Also, with them lives and Dragan's mother. For Misic family, we chose the part of footwear that has arrived from Switzerland. The children were very happy , and a special feeling to see how happy they are in the new shoes and the most basic things like shampoo, soups and banana cream from and other candies  , which they have not been able to have on the table recently.




Representative from  Switzerland Dusan Đaković with small Darko Misic

This family have a new roof over head and the house substantially extended due to the Fund Humanitarian heart from Sabac. Few months ago this family of 11 members lived isolated at the end of the village in two rooms of 15 square M without basic living conditions, particularly survival. This unexpected visit has allowed us to meet another multi-member family in the middle of Serbia,wich live near the famous battlefield of Serbian army, starving and living on edge of survival. We are absolutely confident that our glorious ancestors certainly not fought for that and such'' a freedom'' where Serbian families because of the large number of children are thrown to the margins of Serbian society.

HO Serbs for Serbs with family Gligoric and president of Humanitarian Heart Fund

After family Misic we continue our campaign by visiting family Gligoric in the village Sinošević . We found them working as they worked to build new houses, which also helps fund from Sabac. House where they currently live in is literally falling apart and does not seem safe for domestic animals, specially not safe for people. After upgrading the house they will finally have basic hygiene facilities. The sad story of this family is not only in their extreme poverty, which is easily comparable to those in Kosovo and Metohija. In fact, mother after a family drama left five of her children and married in another village. Father Radenko  and his mother somehow managed to feed this family and ensure that they survive the next day. Despite the very difficult situation in which they live they nicely welcomed us, Milan (7) did not stop to examine us and hang out with us. For Gligoric we provide two sets of books for the second and seventh grade, and complete school supplies for all children. In addition, we delivered them a few pounds of hygiene, canned food and other living necessities.


HO Serbs for Serbs in front of the new-Crvenković reconstructed houses

At the end of the day we visited the
family Crvenković in Beljine village.. We provide them with the same help like other families in the area: textbooks for fifth grade as a complete school supplies as notebooks, pencils, crayons, tempera, blocks.... and hygiene pack and a few pounds of foodstuffs that will surely last a few months. Children were mostly happy with candys we brought them. The family has nine members, parents, Milan and Sladjana and children Milesa (16), Sinisa (15), Marijana (14), Aleksandar (10), Milica (8), Tamara (5) and Nikolina only 6 months. It should be noted that the road to them is a different story. The house is located at the end of the village and with a few other house it was virtually cut off from rest of the world.

The children were very happy and surprised when we arrived because we have not previously announced our arrival. Special impression on us left their friendliness and how the children are beautiful, nice and well brought up. The family has a few pigs and chickens that will bring them the minimum food they need.. Fund from Sabac also made efforts to help this family with updating of home. After a short fellowship time with this family we started way back full of beautiful impressions.



In return we visited the monument in Misar dedicated to Karadjordje and heroes from Misar dedicated to the centenary of Mišarska battle.1806-1906


All goods that are sent to us from KUD Nikola Tesla these days will be distributed to families that we visited during this action through the Fund Humanitarian heart of Sabac.  We agreed with people from Fund to make few pictures of children and families when they are giving up the goods so that we can publish these pictures to the site.

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