May 09, 2013

Room for young Kosovka from Krajina

We successfully conducted the action of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in helping family Tepavac from Vrelo Korenice in Krajina (BILL), as an introduction to the big Easter action in Krajina which is being prepared. Given the fact that the area of Korenica is not going to be visited in the forthcoming action, we decided to help family Tepavac on this occasion. The family consists of single mother Mira, her daughter Kosovka (9), grandmother Kosovka and grandfather Dusan.

The only income of this returnee family consists of Dusan’s retirement. The family has usual problems like other returnees. The help to the Tepavac family consisted of bed with mattress, closet and working table (in the total amount of EUR 490), for the youngest member of the family, young Kosovka, in order to fulfill its obligations in school, and have necessary things in her room. We hope that this help will positively influence upon the girl of the beautiful name, and help her in making better results in school.  

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