August 06, 2015

Roof on Milojevic house in Banja Luka
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In the course of July, we completed another successful action in the Republic of Srpska. This time we helped the family of a disabled military veteran, Jadranko Milojevic (50), from the village of Dragocaj, located near Banja Luka. We helped them by financing the roof construction of the family home, more precisely, the construction of another story and roof. The Milojevic family consists of the father, Jadranko, mother, Dragana (46), and their four children — daughters, Sladjana (19), Zeljana (12) and Vedrana (10), and son, Dragan (24) and his wife Jadranka (18). We owe special thanks for conducting this action to our friends from the Serbian Assembly “Bastionik”, who informed us about the Milojevic family, since they had already helped the family several times, and conducted this action on the field.

Jadranko Milojevic is a disabled military veteran with 30% disability. For a long time, he had worked in construction and thus provided for his family as much as he could. However, recently the consequences of his injuries have begun to take momentum, and Jadranko is virtually bedridden. Doctors are very pessimistic about his chances of being able to walk sometime soon, since the required surgery is very risky and doctors do not dare to perform it for now. The only monthly income that the family has is 80 BAM that Jadranko receives for care and Dragan's salary, which is 500 BAM.

The family is originally from Kljuc. However, since their house had been set on fire in the previous war, they were forced to flee and settle down in Dragočaj, where they started a new life. As Jadranko says, until he was able to work, living conditions were hard, but they somehow managed to make ends meet and even put some money aside to build a house. However, when his health got worse, the work on the house was stopped completely.  Jadranko himself said that he “would not mind dying” the next day just to see the house roofed. When the construction was continued, he was so excited that, at least for a little while, he got up from the bed and oversaw the work using a cane to help him walk.

The house they started building and where they are currently living was completed up to the second floor and could be used for living. However, since there was no roof, moisture found its way into the house, which particularly caused problems in autumn and winter, so it needed roofing as soon as possible. Also, as Dragan and his wife Jadranka soon expect a baby, and the Milojevic family will soon have another member, they have decided to add an extra story, so they would have enough room for everybody.

The organization SERBS FOR SERBS contributed to this action by purchasing the necessary construction materials to the value of 6,871.77 BAM.

We must stress that numerous friends and neighbors responded to the family’s call to do the construction work, so this time there was no labor cost.

Even though by building a floor and roofing the house we have solved a huge problem that the Milojevic family had, furnishing the living space remains to be done by the family. This requires additional finances, which are very hard for them to obtain. Hence we are going to take this opportunity to address proper authorities to pay greater attention to disabled military veterans and their families and to begin to provide adequate assistance or otherwise show that they have not been forgotten.

In the end, conveying greetings from the Milojevic family, we are going to appeal once again to all friends and donors of our Organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children -

With faith in God!

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