December 20, 2016

Ristic family's house has been renovated

Members of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs have recently visited new families in Kosovo and Metohija. Village Srezovce is one of the places where they have been and in which a six-member family Ristic had their house repaired and reconstructed. A total value of this action was 1.230.000 RSD. Parents Sreten and Sonja have four children: Snezana (18), Jovana (16), Milos (11) and Ivana (10). When it comes to constructions works, the following was done:  insulation (internal and external), laminate, tiles, new PVC carpentry, roof reconstruction, gutters were placed, household items, appliances and kitchen cupboard were bought. During the first visit to Ristic family in December 2015

 Kitchen and dining room in October 2016 Members of Ristic family in their new home in December 2016 Table, chairs and tiles for the kitchen part were bought Kitchen - before and after reconstruction Rooms for children got a new look Snezana and Jovana got a new room New beds, closets, laminate, isolation and painted walls Milos and Ivan in their room Living room - before and after Complete insulation for the whole house

We are thankful to all the people who have donated, all the members and friends of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs all around the world who helped us successfully to finish this big project and help Ristic family, whose life is going to be at least a little bit easier and more decent in these hard days in Kosovo and Metohija.

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