December 31, 2011

Renovation work in progress on the Filic family home

Dear friends, we can report the construction of the Filic family home are under way. Through low temperatures and deep snow, work is continuing uninterrupted to try and finish before Christmas. Many people were moved by the story of the young girls, many people have contacted to provide material if not at least moral support. The Monastery Visoki Decani donated a wood burning stove (kraljica), the Humanitarian Organization Serbs for Serbs, like many times before, open handedly donated furniture and appliances. The company ''Potez'' from Bor funded the purchase of a new television.

From the money set aside by the KSS ''St. Angelina'' from Crnjelova, wood was purchased for heat. Donations from our friends in Banja Luka provide a complete new wardrobe and shoes for Sladjana and Sanja. Quickly, work is being done on the renovation of the home so that the girls can spend Christmas Day in their own, warm home.

Thank you to everyone who helped in this humanitarian charity project.

Report: Majka Devet Jugovica (Mother of Nine Jugovices)

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