July 21, 2015

Reconstruction of stable in Kosmet continues

Report: SFS Belgrade /DONATE/
Friends from the Diocesan charity organization “Majka devet Jugovica” from Gracanica, which has worked in cooperation with the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs for years on helping our most vulnerable people in Kosovo and Metohija, have sent us the latest photos showing the work on reconstruction and fitting out the stable for breeding dairy cows in the municipality of Novo Brdo, which started in June. The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs has supported this project with 715,000 Dinars. You can take a look at the photos showing the ongoing work.

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS will continue to promote and support new self-sustainable economic projects in Kosmet and also throughout the Balkans, with the aim of sustainable economic survival of the Serbian people at their ancestral homes. The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS would also like to appeal to all state institutions, public and private companies, and other related charity associations to SUPPORT FUTURE PROJECTS of our organization, which will contribute to a better and more secure future for the Serbian people, especially socially disadvantaged families and their offspring.

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