November 14, 2010

We provided firewood for family Radonja

Dragiša Radonja has five children: Mladen (13), Tanja (12), Sanja (10), Miloš (8) and Njegoš (1). All of them, except Njegoš, travel several kilometers to school, which doesnt prevent them from being good pupils.

The family lives in Brezovica, municipality Pale, as subtenants, and paying the rent of 150 KM. Their property is on the demarcation line which prevents them from coming back. Dragiša is unemployed, but he manages to earn money on several jobs. We met this family for the first time within our Christmas action, when they found out for our charity organization.

Dragiša managed to provide the school equipment, buy the food supplies and meet the everyday needs of his family, but he couldn't buy firewood. The municipality and the Center for social work couldn't help him. He called our organization because we were his last hope. The winter came sooner than expected, and the first snow pressed him to hurry up. Thanks to our donators, we managed to buy 10 meters of firewood. All the children, even the youngest, helped their mother to stack the firewood, while Dragiša was at work.

Biljana and Dragiša are very young but hardworking and responsible parents who cannot provide more for their children, and thus have to ask for help in order to provide the necesarry for their children. Therefore, they thank very much our organization.

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