July 28, 2015

Project of helping family Naskovic from KiM

The representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited just before Vidovdan the six-member family Naskovic from the village Kusce in Kosovo Pomoravlje. Upon the initiative of the prior of the Draganac monastery Archimandrite Ilarion we found out the difficult position of this young family. The household is consisted of father Boban, mother Mikica and four minor children: Danijela (7), Teodora (3), and twins Aleksandar and Aleksandra (5 months). Except from the poverty and isolation which is an everyday occurrence of our people south of Ibar, the illness of the oldest daughter is occupying the attention of the parents. Young Danijela has a Down syndrome, but she is also faced with a greater danger. The disregard of the physicians during the eye surgery and the late information to the parents of the mistakes made are endangering the life of the cute little girl. The complications with mortal cause can occur almost every day, which makes the situation even more difficult.

The entire family Naskovic is currently residing in the house of Boban’s brother in one room which represents both bedroom and a kitchen, while the children are being bath in the trough alternately. Right next to the house in which they temporarily live, the Naskovics have managed with great effort to build a house for themselves. The problem consists in the fact that the house is half finished, and still not possible to live in.

In order to ease the gloomy life of this young family, especially bearing in mind the difficult condition of little Danijela, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is commencing the big action of help to the Naskovic family, with the aim to finish the house and provide elementary conditions for living, primarily for the children.

Considering the fact that the social benefit and children benefit are the only sources of income for this family, we decided to conduct the project as soon as possible. The estimated value of the project is approximately 10.000 EUR.

On this occasion we call upon all interested individuals, organizations and companies to join according to their possibilities to this mini-project, so we could provide the necessary means in the shortest period possible, and to move in the family before the coming winter.


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