August 24, 2015

Project of family Djordjevic finished
Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS has successfully finished big charity project of helping family Djordjevic from the Sevce village in Strpce municipality on Kosovo and Metohija which commenced at the end of 2014. During our first visit and initial help we delivered, the family somehow managed to “keep up”, but after the death of grandfather Bozidar and father Milorad in short notice at the beginning of 2015, Milenko (21), Milica (18), Danijel (13), Kristina (9) and Ivana (8) together with mother Radmila and grandmother Bozidarka were faced with uncertain future. The total value of the finished construction works was 989.000 dinars.

First visit of SERBS FOR SERBS to family Djordjevic in Sevce village

Difficult life situation in which Djordjevics were living
Happy and smiled faces of Djordjevics in their home several months later

Thanks to big charity action for the reconstruction of the Djordjevics home, members of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS from Canada commenced a big Christmas campaign IN TIME FOR BOZIC through which they raised part of the necessary means (approximately $2,500), and the other part came from the donations from Germany, USA, Serbia, the Republic of Srpska and numerous other countries worldwide. Great number of individual donors decided to support the project of reconstruction of the Djordjevic’s house to provided them with a decent home and help them to overcome great family tragedy and difficult situation in which they are in.

Look of the unfinished Djordjevics home in which the family lived…
Look of the reconstructed Djordjevics home in Sevce village (July 2015)

Thanks to the cooperation of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS and its friends from the Eparchy charity organizationMajka devet Jugovica” which provided artisans and delivered the necessary construction material, in the beginning of June the works on the reconstruction of the Djordjevics home commenced.

We also owe special thanks to the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of the Republic of Serbia which helped to temporarily move the family and take care of them until the works on the house were completely finished. Also, the Office for KiM provided donation in the value of 300.000 dinars which enabled to completely equip the Djordjevics home with basic household items.
Grandmother Bozidarka is unfortunately immovable and having difficulties in everyday life

We call upon donors and friends of the organization worldwide to DONATE and thus support the completion of this and other big projects of help to the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Kosovo and Metohija and in other areas where Serbian families who need fraternal help, support and attention live.

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