November 01, 2010

SFS in Prijedor and Obudovac

Report: Igor Rasula ,Serbia (Photos ,Accounts)

 Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs from the Serbian Republic, Serbia and Switzerland have visited and helped the two multi-member Serbian families  in the Republic of Srpska , family Marijanović with nine and Pavlovic with four children. We provided emergency aid for purchase of food, hygiene (value of 600 Euros), and for the youngest ones we provide some candys.

After we visited  camp Jasenovac  in the early hours, we continued to  the Krajina town of Prijedor, where we were  welcome by  friends and donors of our organization. 

In the village of Petrovo selo lives family Marijanovic . When we entered their yard, from the house started to come out little children who are curious about us and their mother Mira welcome and invited us to enter their home. The house is in very poor condition. Relatively recently painted walls could not hide their dilapidation and partly bad construction. The house is warm thanks to God.  


We learn that the family Marijanović  fled during the war from Kljuc Herzegovina to today’s Petrovo village where they live. Family other than parents makes nine children: Dragana (1993), Suzana (1996), Marko (1998), Zeljka (2000), Jelena (2001), Dragan (2002), Zeljko (2004), Predrag (2007) and the youngest Svetlana has only six months.




Our action in the Republic of Srpska ends up with our visit to Pavlovic family in the village Obudovac, near the border with Serbia. Although we reach the deep dark, we were greeted by the youngest Pavlović children with joy in there warm home. Our plan was to provide basic supplies of food for the winter. While part of our team stayed with the children and father Zeljko, the mother Mitra with two of our representatives went to a nearby shop where we supply food, toiletries and clothing for Pavlovic family in the amount of 320KM. Of the remaining 40KM how much money we have left the mother will be provided flour.



Our visit to family Pavlovic marked the first year of cooperation and assistance of our organization. Until just a year ago Pavlović family had a house that was leaked, terribly difficult material and social situation. Today however things have improved for the better. The house is completely renovated, painted, installed insulation and the interior has been raised, the upper floor will remain provisional until further notice while stripped to raise funds for its expansion and completion.


This time we will  invite the Serbian people to awaken from the lethargy in which was pushed and help these and other Serbian families who just need a little help to keep and strengthen the St. Sava’s way, which we all want to go.

With faith in God,

Igor Rašula





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