December 16, 2010

SfS visited family Premović



On Sunday, December 13, we visited the Premović family from the village Prislonica near Čačak. We contacted them through the prior of the Vujan monastery and our friends of the organization My Joy from Germany. The Premović family is consisted of 8 members, single mother Ružica and seven children: Jelena (2002), Luka (2001), Mirjana (2000), Živka (1996), Ana (1994), Biljana (1992) and Aleksandar (1991).




We first met prior Jovan in the Vujan monastery. The monastery is only a several kilometres away from the Premović's home. It is known as a place where our previous patriarch Pavle began his life as a monk. He was very ill when he came to the monastery, without the chance to survive, but the pray in front of the Holy relics of the unknown saint is believed to have contributed to his healing.


The aim of our visit to the Premović family was to get to know them and together find a way to help them. We used this visit to bring them some fruit and sweets, and the book about Saint Sava. The house in which they live was plastered and isolated not so long ago, and the charity organization My Joy from Germany has equiped the bathroom. However, more funds are needed to finish the house inside. We were happy to find out that this family has the necesarry conditions and the will to grow domestic animals next to the ones they already have: two sows, one goat and hens, so we will probably help them to get more animals.


The members of the Premović family are modest and quiet people. Although we didn't find all the children at home, the youngest Jelena and Luka were smiled all the time and they represented their family in the best light. The two of them do everything together, and it seems that the children have better relationships in modest families, without envy or selfishness.


The mother has an income of about 15.000 dinars. The two oldest children started to work and made things easier for their family, so we hope that all of us together can help them to become completely independent.


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