May 23, 2014

Preliminary info on damage in Serbia
The Government of the Republic of Serbia has communicated the preliminary information on damage caused by the disaster, including rain, flood, torrents and landslides. A total of 1.2 million people suffered damage in the 39 municipalities in Serbia. Over 31.000 people have been evacuated from the most endangered areas (above all, children, women, old and sick). There are 41 accommodation centres. 1.763 various objects were demolished, and 2.260 were flooded. 30 bridges on regional roads were demolished, as well as 200 bridges on other roads, and 50 bridges were damaged. Over 300 of business objects were destroyed. The railroad on national roads were also destroyed.

The unofficial estimation of the damage is, according to the Serbian Prime Minister, over 1 billion EUR. The biggest damage was made to private homes. Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS is precisely concentrated on the direct help to the families in all endangered areas, door to door. After the urgent donations, already delivered (and which will be continued), we move on to help in the municipalities. By Thursday SfS has received on its official accounts in Chicago, Zurich, Wienna, Banjaluka and Belgrade approximately 250.000 EUR of donations.

The action is not over yet.

Thanks to all the donors for their help!


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