August 15, 2015

Perfect “Trojka iz bloka” in Kladovo

On Thursday July 23 on the fields of the Elementary school “Vuk Karadzic” in Kladovo the first “Trojka iz bloka” was organized! The tournament was organized by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the Basketball Club “Djerdap Kladovo”, while Kladovo responded on the best possible manner – over 1.500 people came to the field, over 150 people applied for shooting, and 201.660 dinars and 30 EUR were collected! These incredible numbers are result of the tremendous work and effort of amazing people from Kladovo! That is not the end! We also expect to receive the payment from the Kladovo Municipality as well as several other companies from the town of big heart. One can always bet that Kladovo will do the right thing!  

Sport and humanity: Bojan Bozanovic, president of BC “Djerdap Kladovo”

The help provided in the sport-charity project is dedicated for family Nikolic from the Sip village near Kladovo. The family has seven daughters who live in very difficult conditions. We will try to persuade that this is not a dream, that they are surrounded by wonderful and noble people who will try to help them in the best possible way. All details related to the action will be timely published on the “Trojka iz bloka” website. Kladovo decided to resolve a big problem, and they made the big tournament – a spectacle which commenced by playing the anthem of the Republic of Serbia. After that the gathered crowd was addressed by Mladen Matijasevic on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Bojan Bozanovic who is president of the Basketball Club “Djerdap Kladovo” and who after his speech officially opened the tournament by shooting three-pointers together with basketball player Nemanja Krstic.

Nemanja Krstic is ceremoniously opening the tournament in his home town Kladovo

Desire and mission: cadets of BC “Djerdap Kladovo”

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks its proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors, as well as bold volunteers who gave their contribution in making the tournament in Kladovo into one of the most successful tournaments of the sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka”. Great success for great mission of “Trojka iz bloka”! BC “Djerdap Kladovo” gathered really great number of good people who have helped in every possible manner – sponsors, donors, technical sponsors, volunteers of the Red Cross, Motorcycle club Kladovo, KUD “Polet”, Association of Nature Lovers “Divljina”, volunteers on the field who are the club’s cadets… The biggest financial support to the tournament was provided by the proud sponsor Rhine Danube Sheepyard by donating 100.000 dinars, as well as other sponsors such as My Trendy Phone – 12.000 dinars and Agrar – 10.000 dinars. The donors in Kladovo were also: Kafanica Elite and Comi-Prom – 6.000 dinars each, Café Zero – 3.000 dinars, Lord Café – 2.000 dinars, and tavern “Kako je sudjeno” and Casa Romaneasca – 1.000 dinars each. Great thank to distinguished sponsors and donors!

The atmosphere on the tournament showed the spirit in Kladovo among the people – it was evident from the number of people that came to the tournament and in the number of people who have supported it and who will support it afterwards. We expect to receive the payments from the Kladovo Municipality, companies Tekijanka and Conal-Group, as well as trade unions of “Sloga” and HE “Djerdap”. We really needed good sound equipment, because the boys from the Motorcycle Club Kladovo had a special concert in one part of the field and showed the technical possibilities of their machines. The official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” Sale L from THC La Familija magnificently responded by his choice of music for everyone who gathered on the tournament, and he even occasionally silenced the music in order to hear the bikers “play”. Great fun in Kladovo! Boys and girls from KUD “Polet” decided to shoot three-pointers at the same time, which caused laughter in the audience, as well as Stefan from THC La Familija who decided to leave his mike and try to take away the ball from the best basketball freestyler Nemanja Blazic Tricky. Bore and Stefan supported and called everyone to shoot, and they were giving funny comments on shooting and music competition. They also called Uncle Dzo to rap his songs in the pause between the shootings, and at one point they called everyone to greet the girls and the mother of the family Nikolic who came on the field to thank gathered people. Due to the great excitement they were moved and full of impressions, and they quickly left.

The youngest Nikolics with mother and friends from Kladovo

Stefan THCF and Tricky in outplaying

The youngest audience on the field

The magic of “Trojka iz bloka” in its best edition in Kladovo! The tournament continued until we proclaimed the best, until Ivan Nojinovic shoot the most three-pointers and won the gold medal and a trophy “Trojka iz bloka – Kladovo”. The silver medal went to Aleksandar Lazarevic, and the bronze to Vukasin Cvetkovic. These boys were the best shooters, and all people on the field were part of one of the best tournaments of “Trojka iz bloka”! Part of the atmosphere can be seen on photos on the official Facebook page of the sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka”! Thanks everyone in Kladovo!

Best shooters in Kladovo

Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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