August 25, 2014

Patriarch Irinej awarded gramata to SfS
His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch received on July 31 in the Serbian Patriarchy in Belgrade the representatives of the most deserving organizations, firms and individuals who gave the invaluable contribution to the Religious Charity Trusteeship during the delivery of help to the endangered people during the May floods. Among the awarded ones was the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs.

Religious Charity Trusteeship, thanks to the faithful people of the Belgrade-Karlovci Archdiocese, distributed over 300 t of elementary help, food and hygiene. The faithful people from the Archdioceses and Church municipalities in the diaspora collected over 350 t of help.

It wouldn't be possible in such a short notice if many good people hadn't helped. Many put at the disposal their trucks, vans, drivers, fuel, offices and skills in distribution, customs, warehousing etc. The moba is taking place for over two months and it is not over yet.

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Church thanked everyone for their charity, because they thus witnessed their inner purity, faith in God and loyalty to the Church. Wishing them to stay on that path, His Holiness awarded everyone the gramatas of recognition and encouragement for the further good deeds.

The gramatas were awarded to:

1. Administrative office of the Patriarchy and all employees headed by the archpriest stavrofor Stojadin Pavlovic, and especially Mr. Aleksandar Tomic and the drivers who disregarded the fatigue 2. Mr. Aleksandar Aksentic 3. Hilandar Endowment and its employees headed by Mr. Milivoje Randjic 4. Mr. Predrag Koluvija 5. Mr. Slobodan Minic 6. Mr. Mileta Radojevic, principal of the Office for cooperation with churches and religious communities 7. Intersped B, who took the key role in freightage. We give special thank to Mr. Vladimir Jekic and Mr. Vladimir Jankovic 8. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Mr. Ivan Toskovic 9. Nelt and Mr. Nebojsa Saponjic 10. Customs warehouse Nami, Mr. Oliver Petrovic 11. Customs warehouse Planet line, Mr. Vladimir Savicevic 12. Circle of Serbian Sisters headed by Miss Mila Vitorovic 13. IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charity Organization), Mr. Nenad Prelevic 14. Serbian Biblical Society 15. Special Unit of the Ministry of Interior 16. St. Sava Seminary in Belgrade 17. Archpriest stavrofor Bozidar Bakajlic 18. Deacon Srecko Bogicevic 19. Mr. Maksim Zivkovic 20. Mr. Nemanja Protic, catechist 21. Mr. Ivan Cvejic 22. Mr. Gojko Potparic 23. Mr. Stefan Koricanin 24. Mr. Zoran Jovanovic 25. Mr. Sasa Pavlovic 26. Mr. Jovan Jovic 27. Mr. Sinisa Djordjevic 28. Mr. Nikola Micakovic 29. Mr. Aleksandar Cirovic 30. Miss Maja Dudic from Genoa, working in Lasta 31. Mr. Steva Susa 32. Mr. Radoman Todorovic

This was the opportunity to mention all who sent their help through the Religious Charity Trusteeship to the flooded areas from the Church municipalities, Archdioceses and sister Orthodox Churches. His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch thanked them also by awarding the gramata:

1. C.m. Cologne, headed by priests Njedjo and Mladen Janjic 2. C.m. Lucerne 3. C.m. Frankfurt headed by Simon Turkic 4. C.m. Maribor with priests Milan Jovanovic and Sava Kosojevic 5. C.m. from Slovakia and Czech Republic with diakon Borislav Rudic from Prague, father Vladimir Kocvar from Poprad, father Milan Bili from Lubica and father Petar Kacmar from Slovinky 6. C.m. Kladovo headed by Dejan Pajic 7. C.m. Negotin, coordinator Uros Pamucar 8. C.m. Nuremberg 9. C.m. Villingen – Schwenningen 10. C.m. Stuttgart 11. C.m. Ljubljana 12. Army of the Republic of Slovenia for bringing the humanitarian help 13. Patre Diocese 14. Association of the Serbian-Greek friendship St. Sava-St. Sofia from Patra, father Ermolay Masaras 15. Romanian Orthodox Church 16. Diocese of Timisoara 17. Archdiocese of Timisoara of the Serbian Orthodox Church

At the end of the reception His Holiness expressed the hope that these troubles won't strike us in the future, and that we would be always ready to help, to be noble and unique in troubles and in good, respectively.

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