February 07, 2012

Palacinka Weekend

This weekend was a Palacinka Weekend in the U.S. Serbs For Serbs in Chicago IL, along with frinds and donors in Kansas City MO and Boston MA held palacinka parties this weekend. In all, $1,320.50 was raised to help Serbian children and families in need!

The Boston event was organized by Ivan Vranic and his friends. The plan to organize more events in the future, including charity sports events. On Saturday, Ivan and his friends raised $200.

In Kansas City, Bosko Jovanovic and his family organized a Super Bowl Palacinka Party on Sunday. Together with family members, they raised $110 for our children in need.

The Chicago Palacinka Party was the third one of it's kind and the most successful to date. Hosts Jovan and Natasa Peric organized a tremendous evening of palacinke, snacks and drinks. There were many new guests and donors who were thoroughly introduced to the Serbs for Serbs organization. Many, enthusiastic donors expressed great interest in helping and planning future events.

Due to unfortunate family matters, the planned Palacinka Parties for Cleveland OH and Seattle WA had to be rescheduled. The hosts have promised to hold their events very soon. We are anxiously awaiting the next palacinka party!

The $1,320.50 raised this weekend will greatly help our Serbian children and families in need, so we encourage all of you to organize your own Palacinka Parties in your home town. There is no easier and more enjoyable way to help!!!

Petko Petrovich
Serbs for Serbs

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