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20th Annual celebration of Serbian culture

Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, July 31, 2010 Noon - 6pm - Free Play/Practice

Sunday, August 1, 2010 Noon - Dusk

Registration Deadline July 31, 2010

Fees: $150 4-player minimum, 6-player maximum

Prizes: 1st Place $250 & Roasted Piglet; 2nd Place $150

Basketball Tournament 3 on 3

Saturday, July 31, 2010 Sunday, August 1, 2010

Noon to Dusk

Registration Deadline July 26, 2010

3+1 players

Ages 10 to 13: $80

Ages 14 to 18: $80

Ages 19 to 39: $125

Age 40 and over: $125

Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Address: 5701 N. Redwood Drive;

Chicago, Illinois 60631


For Further Information and Team Registration contact Church Office 773-693-3366

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Deep roots of Serbs in Chicago area!

1) June 8th 2010  8:30pm

First we visited Toyota Park to watch Soccer match Chicago Fire vs Real Salt Lake

toyota park














2) July 10, 2010
























Great Emir Kusturica

VIDEO from this great concert and big Serbian party, around 1000 people enjoyed this event.
More pics here.  


3) July 11, 2010

St.Sava Serbian Orthodox monastery in Libertyville,IL


4)  Serbian King Peter II is the only royalty buried in America.


5) SFS give honor to grave of St.Nikolaj Velimirovic

6) Jovan Ducic ,Serbian Poet and Diplomat
























7) Serbian monastery New Gracanica


8) Honor to Serbian Heroes


Serbian and American Hero - Gen. Dragoljub (Draza) Mihailovich there is 2 monuments of this hero in Chicago-land area.

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Invitation to Join Our Forum Community

Got a suggestion that would make Serbs for Serbs-USA a better site? We’re listening. Please leave a comment or send email :

Join our forum and give us your Suggestions & Feedback

Thank you ,

Serbs for Serbs

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Guestbook comment

In such and similar dark thoughts, stricken by a little fear, after 23 years, my family turn back to Belgrade for the vacation. And more of that, with a sly hope that we would be able to settle down or the like? At the beginning of July, in the Serbian Capital, the Assembly of the Serbian Diaspora had a plenary session in the House of the Parliament. Many words might be heard. From the small people and the top Government positions, the significance of our Diaspora regarding aid was accented. Members of the Diaspora elected their chief. However, sad thoughts on the situation in our Serbia with more then a million of unemployed inhabitants, extremely high prices of the food on the market, captured by the bank loans with average salary of about $ 300, an ordinarily family cannot survive.

Going to the South of Belgrade, the situation is more inferior. On the other hand, the Serbian Diaspora hasn't got better chances to be involved in aiding native land then before. No need to go deeper, but it has to be mentioned also that the disunity of our Diaspora stays the same and it is still the obstacle considering the power of more then 3,5 million Serbs worldwide that doubtlessly exists. On the sunny and worm days that we've spent our time in visiting many institutions, places in Belgrade, friends and others, unfortunately smiles couldn't be seen. For the elders, kids, known and unknown people, only the concern about the "next days" is in their heads. Opposite of that, the similar nightlife in the bars on the Sava River coastlines cannot be found elsewhere. So, what to suggest in the moment, that might be the question?

In July 2010, in the heart of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija, some doctors, pour Serbs and other minorities stayed the targets of the Kosovo Albanian terrorists. The Government of Serbia inlayed efforts, but only through the mount. In spite we've had a wish, no courage existed to visit somebody there. So, since I've met you four years ago and monitored your activities later on, the Serbs for Serbs Charity is the only one who can honestly help. God bless you honored Serbs for Serbs. Go ahead. All of us worldwide will be with you. That is the only way to save the nation in the motherland. Yes, the Serbian kids are the only future of our nation.

D.Draganic, Melbourne, AUS

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Help for Milutinovic Family

Very difficult situation, a little better after buying goats and chickens by our organization but still not good enough. Children are malnourished and many appear to have at least three or four years younger than their peers. This time we got to play second football match-Milutinovic "Serbs for Serbs," but we only exchanged a few passes with the children.

It should be recalled and that several young Milutinovic are mild mentally handicapped, while the youngest member who has only two years into something more difficult condition. Tp Milutinovic, we deliver a package of two quilts that were donated by friends of our organization.Good news in all this is that the pigs will get piglets for a month and we hope to contribute as much as improving their existential situation.

Thing that made us very sad is image of very rich houses that surround the Milutinovic family home and that Milutinovic neighbor watching lions and other similar statues placed on neighborhood fences. We simply do not understand that people from the same village, same street, who certainly know the very difficult financial and social situation in which Milutinovic live, are not able to carry them one potatoes, tomatoes and a glass of milk to children and at least to had the second meal during the day. However, as children and the father of Milan say''how is God will''. For our part, we help up that the family create the conditions to work and survive.

In early October we will find out how much the new piglets they got. Our odyssey ends after visiting St.Sava endowment. Kovilj monastery dating from the 13th century.

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A fresh start for family Danjek

We began our trip after the Holy Liturgy in the church of Sv. Demetrius in New Belgrade. After a brief meeting and planning we started our trip to the Ravno Selo. In the village of Ravno Selo we stop by first to Mr. Lazar Jakic with whom we made an agreement on buying a house for the Danjek family. Having delivered the first installment in the amount of 1,500 euros agreement was to pay the remainder of 3.000 euros in two equal installments. We comply with the agreement and give the first installment of 1500euros.

After taking a formality, we agreed to pay final part at the end of the September when the Danjek family officially become the owner of the house, and also get a chance to start a new life. This will also be the second house we bought to Serbian vulnerable families. After meeting with Mr. Jakisic we went a couple of streets below, where we found Sasha with his daughter and two neighboring kids in front of his new home. Sasha was filled with words of gratitude on account of our organization, especially since only C.O. Serbs for Serbs help him in his own words only SFS found in his hand when it was most needed.

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Doctor killed in Kosovo explosion

The explosion went off around 10 am in the area of Bosnjacka Mahala where ethnic Serbs were protesting the opening of the illegal separatist Albanian center seeking to “integrate” local Serbs. EU police is securing the illegal office in the town. NATO troops have been deployed in the area and helicopters are circling the area. Serbia’s President Tadic asked the “international community” to immediately respond to the terrorist attack. He appealed for preservation of security of the region.

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