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Jointly we are building a house for Trišić family

Today's visit (10.02.10.) Trišić family from the village of Orahovac municipality of Zvornik, humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs joined the big home-building project carried out by our brothers HO Nemanjići-Ticino. The aim of this major project which is very brave and daring started by our friend is a complete construction of the house to the family of Andrej Trišić disabled veteran. Our organization has participated on this occasion from 500.00 € (Euro) to help with the purchase of necessary construction materials.


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We provided firewood for the winter

Soon it will be a year of the planned three, how we are helping children of Mihic family. So far we have mainly helped with food and clothe but this time mother Marina asked us to help them with the firewood. In families with five children, the needs are very large.

We bought 6 meters of firewood it come out as planned 480 KM.

Part of the money for this action for the first time we extract from the accounts of C.O Serbs for Serbs of Republic of Srpska in this way we thank all donors from RS for their confidence.

Marina once again thanks for all the kindness and care, but I must single out children's gratitude, several times repeated, because obviously they are all more than aware that they can count on us.



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Serbs for Serbs in action on the holly Serbian Land


Representatives C.O.Serbs for Serbs from  Belgrade with the priest in Strpce

Four representatives from the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade with the help of our great friends from the organization C.O "mother of nine Jugovica" went the way to Strpce and Sar mountain early on the morning of 25 September. The first family we visited in this action are brother and sister Ljubicica and Goran Ilic from the village Borzani. In an old house where they now live alone ,both sick and without any income they tried to explain to us how they survive so far and despite not having a penny of any assistance. We have provided immediate assistance for Goran and Ljubicica, in the form of a bed and refrigerator that will temporarily make easier the daily living needs.

Goran Ilic and Ljubicica in front of there family home with our representatives

The road continues to the village Vrbestica  where we visit seven-member family Milosavljevic.  Dusan father and mother Planinka and their five daughters, Milena (22), Sanja (21), Maja (18), Natasha (18) and Sandra (8) live with no support and certainly the greatest problem is the acquisition of their necessary medications for their daughter Natasha that suffers from epilepsy. Like with Ilic family  we provide same help to Milosevic family  we purchase bed and refrigerator.


Representative of SFS Stefan Ječmenica with Milosavljevic family.

Berevce village and family Antic with four children - Darko (10), Marko (8), Stefan (6) and Viktor (4) .At the home of family Antic we stayed little longer, where we entered into the conversation with father who is currently processing other people's land and that is how he make a living. Father of little Antic’s has his farm on which we agreed to try to make a barn, and that we will in our next action make an attempt to provide them with some of the cattle so that he can support themselves. Until then we provide to family Antic one washing machine and a bed.



Representative SFS Milos Golic with little Antic’s

The house of Stanojevic Golub in the village of Sevce we are visiting the following family of five children: Dusan (13), Nikoleta (11), Veljko (8), Dejan (7) and David (3). Head of the family was not at home but we are in the conversation with his wife learn that the father work all day for the wages ,t they have two cows, and that also without any income and since they abolished child allowance barely make ends meet and live in the very old and dilapidated house. Since in the house with them live and parents of Golub Stanojevića we decide to buy two beds and refrigerators to this family.




Representative SFS Mihailo Makanjić handed small gifts to Stanojevic family

Familie in the village of Vica, Milosavljevic  have 5 members of whom three children: Milijana (23), Jelena (19) and Milos (18) and all three are good students. Milica oldest graduated from Law school and wanted to continue her education but it simply does not have conditions, and the father of the family is already 4 months in Belgrade, where he works in a private company, but he did not get a salary for 3 months. We decided to help this family by buying refrigerators and washing machines.



Milosavljevic in an conversation with Milos Markovic

The story that has shocked us all and very impressed is story of family Milenkovic from Susica. Five brothers Dragiša (30), Radisa (29), Slavisa (25), Ivica (22) and Alexander (19) live alone. Their father died, and there mother is currently being treated in a psychiatric hospital and the tragedy is even bigger a few months ago their sister committed suicide. Very very difficult situation and scary atmosphere in the house Milenkovic who welcomed us with tears in their eyes could leave no one indifferent. Barely speaking  any words we are into agreements with them to help this time by buying two single beds. After leaving their home we decide to supply them with basic food if possible for a short time to make their life easier.

On the way back from the village Susic we visited the family Simanović from Gornje Bitine which our organization in the Christmas campaign this year bought a cow. To our delight, not only that the cows is there but there is the little calf! This family is working hard and is a true example that this donation was a big hit! On the way back to Gracanica, in agreement with representatives C.O. "The mother of nine Jugovica" we decide to  buy a refrigerator for a bakery in the village Prekovce, and el. stove and water heater for the Elementary School Saint Sava in place Paralovo.


Total support for families:
7 beds
2 washing machines
4 refrigerators
12,577 dinars for food

For public kitchen and school:
A fridge
1 el. stove
A water heater

7 beds
2 washing machines
5 refrigerators
1 el. stove
A water heater
12,577 dinars for food

Unfortunately, it seems that the situation in the enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija is worse! Child allowances and social assistance are repealed, the number of users of public kitchens is growing, Shiptar government abolished the Serbs any communication (final action interrupting the telephone line is happening at the time of writing). Day by day there is less hope for the survival of the Serbian people in Kosovo, while the rest of Serbia is currently pre-emptive other perverse social issues and events. We hope that  asleep and misdirected energy of the Serbian people will soon wake up and allow a simple biological survival of the Serbian people.


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Film''The Serbs- people who disappeared''


Serbia is today a country of age, the country where the nursing moan louder, and children all quieter noise and silent. Serbia is now shriveled old woman, clan, they were hung, shooting, and was bombed by enemies and false friends, but also from their own children ... Full past century is a kind of historical retrospective of destruction of all the Serbian people through genocide carried out against it, wars in which the Serbian people was forced to defend the most basic things - the right to life. Serbia is a country that has in the past century has passed through eight wars, paying the price of more than four million lives.

Inherent cause of the disappearance of the Serbian people and the processes of assimilation that are more than other people here in the region fell to the ground. And how through history as a result of further violence and political processes, and in modern times, which is economically motivated and caused by coercion.

Most terrible wounds on the body of the Serbian people, however, the killing of unborn offspring in the future. Visceral infanticide each year to take a city the size of nepovrat Novi Sad. According to the Serbian in this statisitici infamously held a record among European nations.

Modern world is globalizing, perfidy and brutality of the rule of profit, the modern social diseases such as drug addiction, alcoholism and perversion of human nature, social engineering, reshaping the identity of the people, the simplification of consumer mass as general framework within which to found our society and that further enough pressure already weak and the tired people. Individualization and spiritual impoverishment of the already thin interrupted connections that maintain the human community. Decades of departure from the orthodox faith and the removal of Christ and His Church is a key cause of the weaknesses of our people that we pay too high price.

These and other facts testify to members of the spiritual and intellectual elite who are their scientific attitudes, knowledge and research results offered to the public: His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irenaeus, Mark Sandalj, founder of the Foundation of Friends of God, academics Vasilije Krestić and Smilja Avramov, Radovan Tvrdišić from Dveri Srpske (Doors Serbian), archpriest-Stavrophor Dr. Milos Vesin, publicist Biljana Spasic, a professor at the University of Cambridge Nebojsa Radic, professor Marko Mladenovic, priests Željko Latinović and Branko Ćurčin, and so-called ordinary people from the people, peasants, martyrs, victims ...

Documentary film''The Serbs - the people who disappeared'' project ''Friend of the Foundation of God''and its film production, motivated by a desire to warn him of the tragic reality of our people and the need to point the way to overcome it, the repentance and return to Christ through His Church as the only way to re-achieve spiritual values as a foundation of existence and survival of each and the Serbian people.

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We have made a bathroom for family Krunić

Because Rade is are not able to take care of them, Dalibor is the only person who can help kids, but since he has no permanent work it is very hard for him to managed to feed them. Center for Social Work East Ilidza often helps but that is not enough in a family where there is absolutely no income except for occasional Dalibor’s daily paid jobs.

Dalibor is trying hard to help children and prevent social worker to take them from family home. Since the house is unfinished, they do not have bathrooms so that children are sick of the mite, which forced Dalibor to realize that children do not maintain proper hygiene and seek someone who will help him with a bathroom. So the director of the Center came to us asking how we can help.

Since our organization this summer in addition to the regular big actions in Krajina and Kosovo, started two major projects (buying houses and tractors Danjecima/ Ekmečić) and all this after action for Pavlovic family (we help them to complete the house) For Krunić family we have tried to finish this action at the local level so we don’t overload the already planned.

How ESTIMATES of private shops specializing in bathroom amounted to almost 3,000 KM, we gave up right at the beginning of it and went to look for donors to help us in the material.

Aware of the fact that the manual work and labor in any case have to paid, between colleagues at work I have assembled a 490 KM. We hereby thank everyone again, especially as these same people supported the campaign about family Ćodo. Since that money was spent to labor 400 KM and the rest is left to the necessities that were lacking.

Colleagues and friend did for monetary donations to buy the water heater. Our campaign has joined the local Red Cross East Ilidza who was contacted by colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted and allocated funds for Dalibor bath.

Our regular donors from Italy Angelo and Gordana gave the sink, toilet bowl and tap. They prepared some clothe for children.
Stanisic DOO Pale (owner. Stanisic Aco) donated plumbing material in an amount of 50 KM.
Gradjenje DOO. (Owner Popić Zoran) donated 30 m2 of wall and floor tiles.
Glue we received from STR Paints and varnishes (vl. Jugovic Aco).

Thanks to all these good people a tiny Jovan and Jovana will be able to take a bath when they want as their peers.

In front of organizations I once again thank everyone and I hope that many will join us in our work for a better future of our children.

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We continue the project for Ekmečić family

Currently we collected 800 Euros for this project, this month we will add another 400 Euros in a special fund our organization for this project. It currently comprises a total of 1,200 Euros collected. The general goal is to collect 9,000 Euros with which would certainly provide an excellent tractor. After that order, in cooperation with the family, local businesses and our donors throughout the world tried to assist in providing additional Ekmečić machinery necessary to process a large area of land currently in the weeds and not in use. All owners of land in Prebilovci willing to give their land to the use and processing to Ekmečić without having (or almost no) conditions.

This is so far the largest and financially most demanding project that we started. All projects so far have been successfully implemented before schedule, and so with God's help we believe that and this grand project will successfully brought to an end.

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We purchased a house for family Danjek


During Saturday's morning, representatives of the Organization went along with our great friend Petko Koprivica, longtime TV Backa eminent journalist and the daily newspaper Politika, to take the last scheduled payment of 1500 Euros to buy a home seller was Lazar Jaksic also from the village. After receiving the signed certificate from Lazar we are coming into the house of the family Danjek as the first guests now officially in their new home! However, even though the house itself was built more than 80 years, it is certainly a new hope and a new beginning in life of this anguished Serbian family and especially Sasha Danjek head of the family.

 Visualy happy children waited for us impatiently outside the house, along with parents Sasa and Smiljka and grandmother Jelisavkom. For children we have modest gifts in the form of candy. Sasa , as always, very warmly welcomed us and host us. In a friendly conversation, family Danjek repeatedly was thankful for our help. Unfortunately, grandmother Jelisavka left her treatment of cancer in Novi Sad, in order to be with the children while Sasa work. To remind, Sasa, with almost 20 years went from Backa peaceful village on the first line of battle in Herzegovina where the next four years of selfless struggle and sacrifice on almost all fronts to defend the Serbian people.

When Shiptar/Albanians started terrorist attacks in Kosovo and Metohija, Sasha rushed again to put an end to worldwide injustice and participates in the defense of his Fatherland and holy Serbian land. Only ten years later, the same country and the vast majority of Serbian people turning their back when Sasha and his family needed protection, assistance and brotherly hand. But not us!


Just before the end of our friendship Family Danjek presented an proposal that we could not refuse. In fact, they insisted that our organization be godfather at the baptism of their childrens. Kumstvo we are pleased to accept! After a short interview to TV Backa we left family Danjek and move towards Belgrade. The light at the end of the tunnel is much closer now, unlike the period a year ago. Our organization has promised Danjek family to provide animals for breeding when the conditions are.


 On the way back to Belgrade,we stop by the monastery Kovilj, the endowment of St. Sava in the 13th century. It was built for the glory and honor of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The current monastery church was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. After burning candles, we start our way to Belgrade more motivated to help vulnerable Serbian families and wake up of the Serbian people, in our neighborhood and around the world.

 With faith in God,


Stefan Ječmenica

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Labor Day Weekend in Chicago


Few members of charity organization Serbs for Serbs with friends visited Taste of Serbia 2010

 in Lake forest,IL Food and Music Festival.




About church:


St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church

27450 North Bradley
Lake Forest, IL 60045  USA


St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church of Lake Forest, Illinois is a Parish of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA and Canada. St. Basil Church was established in the Fall of 1997 to serve the Serbian Orthodox Christians who live in the North Shore, Northwest and Lake County suburbs of Chicago. After a two-year search to purchase land and/or an existing church building, our prayers were answered, when in the Fall of 1999, we purchased a 10 acre church complex in Lake Forest - Mettawa. In March 2002, we purchased 5 acres of land, adjacent to our existing 10 acre complex.




We visited picnic at Serbian Brothers Help estate in Lake Villa ,IL .

 SBH is one of the oldest Serbian Charitable organizations in USA registrated in 1950.

nova gracanica

After SBH we visited picnic at monastery Nova Gracanica just few miles from SBH in Third Lake,IL .

Few hundred of people enjoyed Serbian Food and Music.

 Serbian Bishop Longin held a speech and we notice Alexi Giannoulias democrat candidate for US Senate talking with some Serbian priests.


Nice and long weekend in Chicago land area.

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Taste of Serbia 2010

Directions to St. Basil
Exit I-294 (94) at Route 60 West (Townline Road)
Turn North (right) on Riverwoods
Continue North on Bradley Road
Church is at corner of Bradley and Old School Road



Food and Music Festival

Labor Day Weekend
Saturday, September 4, 2010: noon to 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 5, 2010: noon to 11:00 p.m.

FREE Admission
Roast Lamb and Pork
Specialty Grill & Serbian Cuisine
Tortes, Pastries, & Strudels
Beer Garden
Kiddy Amusements
Live Music and dancing:
Prazna Flasa Tambura 1–6 pm
“Cowboy” Sveta Tomic 6-11 pm
Ostrog Orchestra 1-6 pm
DJ Spaz 6-11 pm

Lunch, Dinner, and Carry Outs

Food, Fun, and Entertainment
for the whole family!

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We helped three families in Sabac




 HO Serbs for Serbs with Misic family in front of their home

Although we had planned to help the two families, Crvenković and Gligoric, the proposal of Mrs. Ruzica, President of the Fund, we visited and handed over part of the aid in food hygiene and family Misic in the village of Majur. This family consists of Biljana and Dragan parents and their children Bojana (20), Rade (17), Dragana (16), Mirjana (14), Mihajlo (11), Sarah (8), Darko (3) and the youngest Valentina of only 18 months - daughter of oldest Bojana. Also, with them lives and Dragan's mother. For Misic family, we chose the part of footwear that has arrived from Switzerland. The children were very happy , and a special feeling to see how happy they are in the new shoes and the most basic things like shampoo, soups and banana cream from and other candies  , which they have not been able to have on the table recently.




Representative from  Switzerland Dusan Đaković with small Darko Misic

This family have a new roof over head and the house substantially extended due to the Fund Humanitarian heart from Sabac. Few months ago this family of 11 members lived isolated at the end of the village in two rooms of 15 square M without basic living conditions, particularly survival. This unexpected visit has allowed us to meet another multi-member family in the middle of Serbia,wich live near the famous battlefield of Serbian army, starving and living on edge of survival. We are absolutely confident that our glorious ancestors certainly not fought for that and such'' a freedom'' where Serbian families because of the large number of children are thrown to the margins of Serbian society.

HO Serbs for Serbs with family Gligoric and president of Humanitarian Heart Fund

After family Misic we continue our campaign by visiting family Gligoric in the village Sinošević . We found them working as they worked to build new houses, which also helps fund from Sabac. House where they currently live in is literally falling apart and does not seem safe for domestic animals, specially not safe for people. After upgrading the house they will finally have basic hygiene facilities. The sad story of this family is not only in their extreme poverty, which is easily comparable to those in Kosovo and Metohija. In fact, mother after a family drama left five of her children and married in another village. Father Radenko  and his mother somehow managed to feed this family and ensure that they survive the next day. Despite the very difficult situation in which they live they nicely welcomed us, Milan (7) did not stop to examine us and hang out with us. For Gligoric we provide two sets of books for the second and seventh grade, and complete school supplies for all children. In addition, we delivered them a few pounds of hygiene, canned food and other living necessities.


HO Serbs for Serbs in front of the new-Crvenković reconstructed houses

At the end of the day we visited the
family Crvenković in Beljine village.. We provide them with the same help like other families in the area: textbooks for fifth grade as a complete school supplies as notebooks, pencils, crayons, tempera, blocks.... and hygiene pack and a few pounds of foodstuffs that will surely last a few months. Children were mostly happy with candys we brought them. The family has nine members, parents, Milan and Sladjana and children Milesa (16), Sinisa (15), Marijana (14), Aleksandar (10), Milica (8), Tamara (5) and Nikolina only 6 months. It should be noted that the road to them is a different story. The house is located at the end of the village and with a few other house it was virtually cut off from rest of the world.

The children were very happy and surprised when we arrived because we have not previously announced our arrival. Special impression on us left their friendliness and how the children are beautiful, nice and well brought up. The family has a few pigs and chickens that will bring them the minimum food they need.. Fund from Sabac also made efforts to help this family with updating of home. After a short fellowship time with this family we started way back full of beautiful impressions.



In return we visited the monument in Misar dedicated to Karadjordje and heroes from Misar dedicated to the centenary of Mišarska battle.1806-1906


All goods that are sent to us from KUD Nikola Tesla these days will be distributed to families that we visited during this action through the Fund Humanitarian heart of Sabac.  We agreed with people from Fund to make few pictures of children and families when they are giving up the goods so that we can publish these pictures to the site.

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Krajina will live!


In addition to the main help we provide extra help for children : books of saints, the best Serbian fables, short stories, fairy tales, school supplies, games, clothes, candy, balls and toys.

The beautiful landscapes ličkih hills, pastures and mountains greeted us early in the morning after entering the land of Krajina. Unfortunately idyll ended the burned and destroyed Serbian homes to which they are powerless watched the road, and I believe that if they could speak, they would say what we probably all know.Among all of us was left a bitter taste in the mouth because of the beauty of a country that for centuries was Serbian, where our ancestors hundreds of years kept Serbs and Orthodoxy, which is now deserted and left to someone else who does not deserve.

Upon arrival in the Lower Lapac soon found the house where was the father Predrag ,this way we thanks for the hospitality and great help in organizing and implementing this initiative into action. After a brief elaboration of the plan and three friends from the "Foundation" come to us and slowly we move to work.  The first family we visited was a family from Gracac Trbojevic located at hour drive from the Lower Lapca.  Two children, twins Stephen and Mary raise aunt Gordana with her mother. For this family we intended to donate a wood stove while kids received gifts in the form of toy, books and candy.

After visiting the family Trbojevic we went to the bank where we paid for ordered home appliances, it will be delivered to all families in the next week.  Since we had more finance left we went to the close store where we buy school supplies and candy for children.

Out trip taking us further towards place with nice sounded-name that sound just like people and name testifies about the people that lived here for centuries, and unfortunately today only survives-it is a place Srb. In Srb we were welcomed by polynomial family Djilas which is composed of six small children from the youngest Sladjana (month and a half ago) by Miroslav (2 yr.), Stefan (3 yr.), Radmila (5 yr.), Milica (7 yrs.) And Predrag (9 yr.). Small Djilas were very pleased with our visit, and especially balls and sweets .Father Radislav real host, although materially poor, he insisted that before our arrival at their home he roast a lamb, which was his way to expressed their appreciation for the visit and the help we intended it. In addition to gifts for children we intended combined stove for this family. After socializing with the youngest ones and I have to mention excellent lamb, the way we continue on.

The rest of the families we planned to visit and support are located in the Lower Lapac and vicinity. Before entering the Lower Lapac we come to the house of Milorad and Vera Kovacevic and their two children Dusan (8 yr.) And Natasha (14 years)Milorad Kovacevic, a former member of the Army of the Republic of Serbian Krajina have very difficult life. Occasional he work part time are that is the only source of income. Milorad on all of us leaves a positive impression of their firm and steadfast positions to stay and persevere in their centuries-old homes and keep the faith of grandfathers. For Milorad and his family we planned to donate fridge and sofa, and for children as in previous cases, books, school supplies , sweets.  And in this house we were welcomed, the way only Serb welcomed its guests.  Father Predrag had to leave us briefly for private business, and we find the following two families with the help of Milorad, which started as a guide with us and stayed with us until the end of our actions.

Fourth family in a series of families was the Rasheta family .Parents Snezana and Milan with sons Zora (21 yr.), Goran (20 yr.), Lazar (17 yr.) and Natasha (11 yr.) Live in very difficult conditions. Social support and the son Zoran, which deals with a bit of cattle are the only sources of income.Disease and poverty have left a visible impact on the family. Little Natasha is suffering from epilepsy, but as we learned from father Predrag after staying in one of our monasteries and reading the prayer for the recovery of God it stop attacks and we hope it will remain so. For Rasheta Family we intended a wood stove while the children received books, candy and school supplies.

The most difficult situation we found in the family Bibic. The family lives in inhumane conditions in two dilapidated rooms, where residents Milan father who is a nervous patient and unable to work with his wife Nada and children Mirjana (14 yrs.), Slobodan (16 years)and little Ivan (10 years)The family survives on welfare and children's allowances. Unfortunately more than one washing machine and gifts for children we are not able to provide. With words of support for family we move on.

We come to our acquaintance from our past actions grandmother Milica and her granddaughter Milanka (15 year) For Milanka we bought some clothes and gave her a book and some candy.  The main part of the aid for our Srpkinje(Serbian ladies) was 10m of firewood, which we expect to arrive next week. We also saw and a wood stove that we provide to them last time and with which they are delighted.With the promise that we will see tham again, we move on .

Next stop was the family Ljiljak where young Valentina and Stevo live with three children, Tijana (8 yr.), Dario (7 yrs.) Danijela(2 yrs.).Stevo was not present and we were welcomed by his mother and his wife Valentina and their children.Children are of course, like all the other happy for sweets and toys, while the young parents are certainly happy for new washing machine which we prepared as a donation for them.

Slowly leaving municipalities shortlisted Lapac and move to other two families from our plan for assistance. Before that, on proposal of Fr. Predrag who joined us again in the meantime we visited the Church of St. Ilija /Elias, dating from the late eighteenth century and is one of the oldest in the region. For me it was particularly interesting because the first priest in the church after the expulsion of Turks from these regions was my namesake.  The church has suffered major damage after the second world war by the Communist fifth column, and now with a great effort by Fr.Predrag it slowly getting back the old glory.

Nearby in the village Nebljusi we visit family Bubalo. Parents Milan and Jasna livie there with her two little son Rade (3 yr.) And Daniel (2 yr.) and as well with Milan's parents.While part of our team sat with the oldest members of the family Bubalo and talked about their current problems, we tested a couple of the youngest with sports skills . While the children were happy with ball we believe that also the oldest members of this family will be happy with wood stove that we intended for them.

Visibly exhausted but not with lack of energy and enthusiasm we are going to the last family that we planned to visit in this action. Repac family consisting of father Vladimir, mother Zorica and children Vladana (3 yr.) Radovan (less than a year) we helped this family with a fridge.With greetings to the family we are successfully completing the action.

The position of the Serb people in Krajina, remains critically difficult. As in Kosovo and Metohija, our nation is in danger in the area of Krajina, exposed to various types of harassment, and the inability to obtain adequate employment. Krajina is not thousands of miles away from Serbia, and even less from the Republic of Srpska, Slovenia, Montenegro ... It's not the end of the world, and every one of us / you can visit at least one family in the Serbian Krajina.  Bring support to them at least with our presence ,help those heroes who are determined to return and survive on our grandfather land.  Wake up and start doing something useful because it’s not only Kosovo-Serbia!


Са вером у Бога, With faith in God,

Предраг Маринковић

Predrag Marinkovic




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