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Help for Victims of Earthquake in Kraljevo

The extraordinary events of the earthquake in Kraljevo requires immediate help and the Serbian National Defense Council of America (SND) has taken it upon themselves to collect donations to be delivered quickly, through trusted channels, so as to stabilize the situation for housing, basic shelter and basic needs, before the onslaught of winter.  The goal of SND is to do what we can quickly, to ease this difficult and heartbreaking situation as much as possible.  Please help us in this effort.

Your donations can be sent to:

Serbian National Defense Council of America
Earthquake Fund
5782 N. Elston Avenue

Chicago, Il. 60646-5546

Or through our PAYPAL account on our Website. 

The Serbian National Defense thanks you for your efforts on behalf of the victims of this tragedy




November 20 , 2010 at 6pm in monastery New Gracanica fund raising for Kraljevo !

Serbian Link




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SfS helped the families Milić and Marković

We also payed their electricity bill, bought the diapers for the youngest child, and several cough syrups. They also received some of the basic groceries from the football fans “Delije North” . Both the families Milić and Marković got the books of orthodox thematic.


Mr. Goran gave us a present, 3 rosaries which he made by himself. He also thanked everyone who helped them and asked all the people of good will to contact him or to make a payment to his account.


Our next stop was the village Velika Sejanica, not far away from Grdelica. The Milić family is one of the poorest in the area. The family members are father Ranko, sons Nikola (10) and Aleksandar (20), and daughter Jelena (18,5). After giving birth to Nikola, their mother left them, so Jelena had to take her place in the house. Thus we focused primarily on helping her. We provided a freezer for the storage of food, and the new stove Smederevac to help them get warm through the winter. This was especially important, because the children used to get cold because of the bad heating.

Serbian link and photos

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SFS in Prijedor and Obudovac

In the village of Petrovo selo lives family Marijanovic . When we entered their yard, from the house started to come out little children who are curious about us and their mother Mira welcome and invited us to enter their home. The house is in very poor condition. Relatively recently painted walls could not hide their dilapidation and partly bad construction. The house is warm thanks to God.  


We learn that the family Marijanović  fled during the war from Kljuc Herzegovina to today’s Petrovo village where they live. Family other than parents makes nine children: Dragana (1993), Suzana (1996), Marko (1998), Zeljka (2000), Jelena (2001), Dragan (2002), Zeljko (2004), Predrag (2007) and the youngest Svetlana has only six months.




Our action in the Republic of Srpska ends up with our visit to Pavlovic family in the village Obudovac, near the border with Serbia. Although we reach the deep dark, we were greeted by the youngest Pavlović children with joy in there warm home. Our plan was to provide basic supplies of food for the winter. While part of our team stayed with the children and father Zeljko, the mother Mitra with two of our representatives went to a nearby shop where we supply food, toiletries and clothing for Pavlovic family in the amount of 320KM. Of the remaining 40KM how much money we have left the mother will be provided flour.



Our visit to family Pavlovic marked the first year of cooperation and assistance of our organization. Until just a year ago Pavlović family had a house that was leaked, terribly difficult material and social situation. Today however things have improved for the better. The house is completely renovated, painted, installed insulation and the interior has been raised, the upper floor will remain provisional until further notice while stripped to raise funds for its expansion and completion.


This time we will  invite the Serbian people to awaken from the lethargy in which was pushed and help these and other Serbian families who just need a little help to keep and strengthen the St. Sava’s way, which we all want to go.

With faith in God,

Igor Rašula





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How many more need to be silent?

 We pray to God that the Serbian people never again find in a brick oven or on the edges of Ustasha knives. We pray to God to never make any camp in which the Serbian people continue to disappear at an accelerated procedure. We pray to God that the Serbian people never forget their suffering, persecution and pogroms.

Jasenovac Video

Serbian Report


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We helped the family Zmiric from Krajina

Serbian Link


The Austrian humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs conducted on October 23 another humanitarian action in Serbian Krajina. They visited the village Miranje Gornje in the Benkovac municipality, and helped the Žmirić family.


The family had exiled from their homeland, and went to Prizren. However, after the begining of a new war, they had to run again, and they found themselves in the „promised land“, in the U.S. state of Arizona. At first, all of them were employed, but the economic crisis has left them without their jobs. Thus they have managed to collect enough money to come back home. However, the situation is difficult. Dušan married the American Samantha, and now they have five children, , Kasandra (7), Kristina (6), Dijana (5), Dušan (3) and Aleksandar (1), and twins on the way. Dušan’s parents also live with them.


The house where they live is in a very bad condition, because they are virtually roofless. Thus all the help SFS managed to collect, 825 euro, was spent for the construction material. Our assosiation managed to get 300 euro, another 425 was provided by the donors from Vienna, and an anonymous donor gave another 100 euro. The help was very much needed, since the family Žmirić has not yet managed to get the so-called guaranteeed rights for the returnees – health and social insurance, and the renovation of the refugee houses is being done selectively – the elderly without progeny are the first to get it, while Dušan and his family have to wait. They are the only Serbian family that live in Miranje Gornje, which is divided into two distinct parts – an old village, distanced from the road, and a new settlement along the highway.


Dušan plans to cultivate the land and get the financial stability for his family. The soil is very fertile, and there are potentials to grow organic food. Some people from Australia gave him the tiller for the cultivation of land, and Dušan himself dug the pool for the irrigation of land. It is worth mentioning that Dušan and his father are renovating the house on their own.


The SFS organization plans to help this family during the next visits to Krajina. Apart from money, we gave them the books “Children's Gospel” and “Holy Prince Lazar and the Kosovo pledge”, clothing and footwear, sweets and fruits, toys, and a package of sanitary supplies.


We use this occasion to express our gratitude to the Serbian National Council that helped us to organize and implement this action, and the abbot and entire fraternity of the Krka monastery for the extraordinary hospitality and the support they showed for our work. We ascertained of the difficult position of the Serbs in Krajina, the ruined homes and various types of pressure and violence to which the Serbs here are exposed.



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Nikola's Message


Zdravo, Hello, How are you doing? My name is Nikola and I have been given the unique opportunity to share this message on behalf of all of the children in Serbia.
Yes, a beautiful country indeed, with rich culture and genuine hospitality every where you turn; however, this isn't the case for everybody.
Do you know what it would be like to live in a country containing more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 15? Or to not have a brother or sister to love and share life with because your parents are just financially unable to afford another child, not to mention the constant daily struggle with hunger and starvation?
Children are brought to this earth to explore and learn. They're here to make positive changes in the world, but how can they do that if they don't have the basic conditions necessary for life itself?
Here is something you might not realize. For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years.
Malnourishment has a serious negative effect on the brain and its cognitive abilities, so how can we expect our children to learn if they're not receiving the proper requirements for growth?
Its time that we bring an end to hatred and war, in order for us to start to focus on what is important. Our future.
Children are our future. Please, if you can, head over to to help support our children today.
On behalf of all of them, the Serb for Serb organization, and myself...

Thank you.




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SFS for the first time in Old Serbia

For the first time during our many years of charity work we managed to plan and carry out the work visit and deliver assistance to the Serbian people living in the territory of South Serbia (now FYROM). This time we visited and helped six Serbian families and delivered aid worth around 1,200 €.

Delivered assistance consisted of: 2 washing machines, a stove, an electric. Stove,  a freezer and hygiene parcels and basic foods.

The action starts from Dusan's imperial city of Skopje, where we found six Serbian families.

Report: Predrag Marikovic, Serbia / PHOTO / / ACCOUNTS /

Full Report English

Full Report Serbian

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Film: Srbi,Narod koji nestaje!

There was a great interest in the film, especially among the youth and the hall was too small to receive all interested.
The film was attended by one of the speakers in the movie Father Milos Vesin, after the movie he started discussion on the film subject. 


Video from Chicago showing.

More about movie link 1  , link 2  , Link 3


Option 1    ,  Option 2

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