January 02, 2011

Action in Prеbilovci will be done before planed

At the end of 2010.
year, good news arrived in our organization. Instead as we planned for about 30 months from now,  eight members of families Miladin Ekmecic, Serbian returnee families in the Herzegovinian village Prebilovci, will get planned Tractor in the period between Christmas and the Orthodox New Year. With the help of many Serbs from the Diaspora, and at the request of Serbs for Serbs in Republiic of Srpska President  Dobrina Kusmuk, Republic of Srpska Government and its relevant Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, today they allocated 14,305 KM (over 7,000 euros) to our account.
On behalf of our humanitarian organizations and all people who donated funds in our biggest project so far, our heartfelt thanks.

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