October 28, 2011

No surrender in Srpska Krajina!

Report: Stefan Jecmenica, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /GALLERY/

The representatives of the Charity organization Serbs from Serbs from Belgrade conducted the 7th in a row big charity action in Krajina, from 14th until 16th October 2011. We provided help for seven Serbian families in the amount of 3.000 EUR, in the Lika area (Korenica, Gospić, Donji Lapac, Srb and Gračac). We used the money to buy: 15 sheep, 1 cow, 2 stoves and the material for the bathroom. We had the chance to visit the birth house of one of the most important Serbs – Nikola Tesla. We wouldn't be able to achieve everything without the help of great friends of our organization – fathers Dalibor, Predrag and Jugoslav.


The families we visited and helped were: Karan – Korenica, Serdar – Široka Kula near Gospić, Dotlić – Donji Lapac, Đilas – Krčko Brdo near Srb, Trbojević – Gračac and Jelača – Gračac.
The help we provided:
15 sheep – 1.090 EUR
1 cow – 1.070 EUR
2 stoves – 620 EUR
bathroom equiping – 200 EUR
travel costs – 200 EUR
The action commenced in Korenica, where we visited father Dalibor on Saturday morning, and after a short break, visited the first family. It is the Karan family. Predrag and Tamara returned to Lika after being refugees for 15 years in Serbia. Predrag's parents live with them. Predrag is having difficulties in finding a job, because his father was convicted for the war crime he never commited. Therefore, Predrag is working for a season wage. He plans to grow sheep, so we decided to buy him 7 sheep to start a business, bearing in mind that he and his wife are young and plan to have children and stay there. With the help from God, we could start buying sheep from him the next time we visit Krajina.

We then went to the nearby village to buy sheep and try excellent plums from Lika. We used the opportunity to visit the Prica family. We visited them the last time we went to Krajina, and bought them a cow which has calved. They insisted in giving us the cheese, which they started producing.

Father Dalibor accompanied us to Gospić, where we visited the Serdar family – the only Serbian family in the village Široka Kula. The village is full of ustashi graphiti. The family consists of grandfather Dane, his son Milan, Milan's wife Svetlana and two children, Jovana (5) and Jovan (2). They are literally isolated, because the neighbors don't communicate with them, except abusively. Nonetheless, they have no intention in leaving, and they are working hard. They have several sheep and poultry. We decided to get them a cow. They have also returned recently from Serbia, except for Dane, who has been unfairly sentenced to 16 years of prison, but was released after 4.

We used the opportunity to visit the birth house of Nikola Tesla in Smiljane near Gospić, together with father Dalibor. The complex consists of the home birth, the Temple of saint apostles Peter and Paul, where Tesla's father Milutin served as a priest, and several objects with some of Tesla's findings.
We continued our journey towards father Predrag in Donji Lapac.

Since it was already late, we hurried to visit two Serbian families, Dotlić and Ovuka. Family Dotlić consists of parents Damir and Mira and children Dragan (4) and Slađana (2). The parents are unemployed, and they receive a monthly children allowance in the amount of 600 kunas (80 EUR). Since they have some poultry and sheep, we bought them another 4 sheep.

The second family we visited in Donji Lapac is the Ovuka family, whom we already helped in May, when we bought 2 sheep, 2 lambs and 10 laying hens. We also bought 4 sheep for them. They are also returnees, and the parents live with their three children in a rented house. The mother has problems with her citizenship, since she is a stranger, which requires additional costs. She could gain Croatian citizenship after 5 years of residence, and in the meantime, she must pay for the visa, health insurance etc. They receive a monthly children allowance in the amount of 1.400 kunas.

We bought 8 sheep in the village Doljane and went back to Lapac to spend the night. In the morning we attended the liturgy in the church in Donji Lapac, and the breakfast at father Predrag's, to whom we thanked for his help, and continued towards Srb.
Father Jugoslav welcomed us in Srb, and led us to the village Krčko Brdo near the frontier with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Part of the road to the village must be passed of foot. At last, we arrived to the nine-memeber family Đilas whom we helped twice, and we were welcomed by an army of children. Since our last visit, they received another child. The Đilas family lives in its house, but during the school year they are entitled to use the municipality's apartment in Srb. It is very expensive for them, so they think of staying in their house, where they also have some land. Unfortunately, the house is not in a good condition. They are using water from the well, the roof is leaking, etc. We decided to get them a bathroom.


When we arrived in Gračac, we visited two families, Trbojević, whom we helped before, and Jelača. We bought two wooden stoves, one for each family. The Trbojević family has twins Stefan and Marija who are soon 11 years old. They live from a monthly children allowance in the amount of 690 kunas, and their grandmother's pension.

Family Jelača has undergone a tragic year. The host died in a car accident several months ago, and left two children, Nikolina (2) and Tamara (1), who are living with their mother Ivana. Ivana's sister in law Milanka, whose family we helped several times before, lives with them, and she is going to highschool. Milanka's grandfather and grandmother died recently on the same day. For some time the family was in a terrible situation, they didn't have anything to eat, but Ivana has found a job, so they are getting on their feet. They thanked for our help, and we headed towards Korenica to see father Dalibor again.

Father Dalibor told us about the difficulties and temptations that this area has went through. The most terrible is the fact that the Serbs have fought against the Serbs, which made us realize how important is our common struggle „Serbs FOR Serbs“!
Despite the everyday threats, the Serbian people manages to survive on their homes. Some of the expelled families are returning, despite the opposition of the official authorities. It was our honor to help those brave families within this charity action.

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