September 04, 2011


No retreat, no surrender!
Those words led brave, bold and determined representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, during the biggest charity action up to now (12th in a row) on Kosovo and Metohija. It was a concrete answer to the intensifying pressures to the Serbian people last month, led by the international community, in coordinated action with the proven terrorists. The aid we delivered, in the amount of over 1.2 milion dinars (approximately twelve thousand EUR), proves that the obstacles set by the occupiers, couldn't undermine our determination to visit and help the most endangered Serbs south of the Ibar river. In this action, planned in detail, and conducted with much effort, we provided help for 27 families, 62 elementary school pupils from Osojane and Klina, the ambulance in Osojane and the library in the same place. We have had concrete help from our fraternal organizations SPO(J)I and Saint Sava Youth from Subotica, with the great number of donors worldwide!

The list of the help we provided in the action:
-10 beds
-20 chairs
-2 kitchen tables
-2 closets
-1 double-decker bed
-4 carpets
-2 kitchen sinks
-1 (big) mattress
-6 refrigerators
-4 freezers
-7 electric stoves
-3 wood stoves
-5 washing machines
-2 vacuum cleaners
-2 water heaters (80l)
-water pump and pipes
-1 gristmill
-3 goats
-a package of elementary medicine and sanitary material for the ambulance
-money donation for the 62 pupils
-50 books for the library
-packages of the hygiene (donation from „Henkel“)

Early in the morning a three member team started the biggest action so far. We experienced the first nuisance upon our arrival to the administrative line. It is a consequence of the existing whims of the imperialists, who are used to manifest them upon Serbs on a regular basis for centuries. It caused the feeling of anger, infirmity, sorrow, despise and defiance at the same time. After several words, which we were forced to pronounce in foreign language in our own country, while we were waiting for the irritating raid to finish, we continued towards Zvečan.

Our great friends from the charity organization „The mother of nine Jugović“ were waiting for us. Like countless times before, we would like to thank them from our hearts for the help they gave us, and for the participation in the realization of our action, because it wouldn't be possible without them. We planned to visit the Kosovo Pomoravlje during the first day, that is, the surroundings of the municipalities Novo Brdo and Kosovska Kamenica. Aware of the fact that we needed to visit up to 15 families a day, we conducted very short and efficient visits in order to fulfill all our goals.

We initially visited the families in the village Božovice. The first family we visited was the Filić family, consisting of the single father and two minor daughters: Sanja (11) and Slađana (9). This family has experienced a tragic event recently – the mother of the girls commited suicide, which additionally made their poverty difficult. We were very emotionaly touched, so we decided to provide them a maximum of help. The family received: an electric stove, bed, closet, refrigerator and three carpets.

At the other side of the village we visited a five-member family Milenković, consisting of mother, grandmother and three children: Marko (19), Đorđe (16) and Jovana (11). The situation wasn't so critical as in the previous case, but the poverty is overwhelming. We provided the washing machine and a bed for them.

Our next stop was the village Lještar. The village is predominantly Albanian, and there are only several isolated Serbian houses. One of them is a house of the returnee family Canić. A single father is fighting through life with his son Marko (14). They live in very difficult conditions, so we expressed our support and bought a washing machine and a refrigerator for them. They were grateful for our visit so much, that they gave us the last bottle of juice for our journey. One should be ready to face so emotional moments we face, without losing the spirit. It is difficult not to express the sorrow for the situation in which our people live.

We went to the village Bara, in which we visited three families in the neighborhood. The first family we visited was a four-member Filić family, consisting of parents and the daughters Vanja (16) and Milica (15). After we saw the conditions in which they live, we decided to get them a bed and a washing machine.

In the next house we found a dozen children, four of them being the children of Sreten Ristić: Snežana (13), Jovana (10), Miloš (7) and Ivan (6). For a brief moment we interrupted the birthday party of one of the children. After talking to the parents and children, we saw a disturbing picture – the children at the party didn't have a decent chair to sit on. I compared that to the „needs“ of some spoiled children in Belgrade. Thus we decided to provide plenty of things in order to help the family: two beds, four chairs, a refrigerator, a carpet and the water heater.

We also visited the family of Sreten's brother, the parents and two children, Jovan (10) and Jovana (8). We provided four chairs, a refrigerator, one bed and wood stove for this humble family.

In the village Ajnovce we visited a four-member family of Jovan Paunović. There are no younger members, since the family consists of Jovan, his wife, 37-year old son and their cousin, who is a disabled person (without legs). Although there are no children, due to a complicated situation, we decided to get them a washing machine.

Near Kosovska Kamenica we visited the village Gologovci, in which we found family Menković at the end of the village, in highly unapproachable place. Miloš (22) lives with his parents. They are very happy and smiled, and they were glad to see us coming, because people rarely come to visit them. They told us that a vast majority of woods and meadows are Serbian property, but that the security situation, namely the aggressiveness of the local Albanians, prevents them from using their properties. That is another example of how the existential problems of Serbs fail to reach those who live north of the Ibar river, and talk about peace, democracy and tolerance. We bought a washing machine for the Menković family.

In Močare village we visited a five-member family Dodić. There are three children in the family: Sandra (20), Milica (18) and Aleksandar (17). When we arrived, only the mother was at home. We decided to get them a freezer.

Another hostile place. At the entrance of the village Donja Šipašnica we found the graffiti of the support for the terrorist UCK and their patrons USA. We visited the houses of two brothers Janković. There are 14 members in total, of which eight children.

The family of younger brother has three children: Jovana (5), Mihajlo (2) and Filip (1). We provided a water pump and the necesarry equipment for their household. The family of the older brother has five children: Milica (18), Maja (16), Stefan (14), Nikola (9) and Saša (3). We bought for them an electric stove, two beds and a refrigerator. It is good for those families to support each other, and to stick together, because they are in an Shiptar enviroment.

The last village we visited on that day was Korminjane, in which we helped three families. The third community used to consist of the families of two brothers Đorđević. Unfortunately, one of the brothers tragically died several months ago while he was working, and he left behind a wife (without any income), and a son Ognjen (2). The whole family is still suffering for their lost. We decided to get them a freezer, and we also bought an electric stove for the family of the older brother, who is living with his wife and parents. That marked the end of an exhausting day.

The second part of the action commenced the following day. This time it was in the area of Metohija. The representative of the famous rap groups „Belgrade union“ and „Fantastic four“, Boško Ćirković Škabo and our friend, the journalist of „Novosti“ Dragana Zečević, joined the expedition.

Once in Metohija, our first stop was infamous Drenica, where we visited the Devič monastery. One can say that Drenica is a museum at the open, dedicated to the terrorist UCK. The monastery has, throughout its history, felt the bloodlust of the Shiptars from that region, and it has felt the calvary with the sisterhood in the pogroms in March 2004. Within the monastery we found the people from the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation, who were conducting restoration of the the burned frescoes. Although we were happy to see that, the workers didn't sound so optimistic, because the frescoes were poured with gas and burnt. There are also traces of bullets, similar to the work of the communists in Serbian sanctuaries after the Second World War.

After visiting the sanctuary, we headed to Osojane. There we received a welcome from Gabrijel, who was our host, and without whom this part of the action couldn't be fulfilled. He prepared everything in the field in advance, and we use this opportunity to thank him. The first part of the help for this enclave consisted of the elementary medicine and sanitary material for the local ambulance in the amount of around 100.000 dinars. The employees expressed warmly thank for the help, which will be of great importance in the following period.

The second part of the activity in Osojane was conducted in elementary school Radoš Tošić, where we were welcomed by approximately 45 pupils (of 62 in total), from the first to the eight grade. After meeting them, we started delivering money donations in the amount od 2.000 dinars for each, for the succesful start of the new school year. The most famous member of our team, Škabo, who made the children joyful, gave his cd to each of them. We also donated about 50 books to the school library, provided by Mr. Bane and his friends.

After visiting the elementary school, we continued visiting the families. In the neighboring village Koš we visited five families. The whole region of Osojane has been very damaged during the aggression in 1999, and almost all the villages were distroyed. The current situation is better then in the region of Kosovo Pomoravlje, because the houses are newly built for the returnees from central Serbia. The first family in our list was the family Lacmanović. It has five members, including three sons: Milan (23), Nikola (21) and Toplica (13). The conditions in their house were satisfactory, so we gave them a kitchen table.

We found similar condition in the neighborhood, in the house of Marko Tošić, who is living with his wife and sons Miroslav (20) and Miodrag (15). We bought a three-winged wardrobe for this family. Family Radovanović has five grown-up members, and the youngest Božica (32) is with disabilities. Except for the kitchen table, there was no need for further help.

The family of the single mother Stanica Popović lives nearby. She lives with her children Boban (28), Nataša (23), Slobodan (20) and Stojan (17). We agreed with Stanica that they need a gristmill at the moment. The youngest Stojan was happy because he could take a photo with Škabo.

The last family in Koš we visited is a seven-member family of Zvonko Lazić. He lives with his wife, parents and children Anastasija (8), Aleksandar (6) and Tomica (2). Mainly due to children, we bought several things for them, a kitchen table, four chairs and a refrigerator.

Since we were in a hurry, we concluded the action in Osojane, where we visited three families. Family Repanović consists of the parents Zoran and Jelena and their three children: Petar (5), Nikolina (2) and Luka (5 months). Their house is not finished, so they live with Zoran's brother. We decided to get them an electric stove.

Family of Radoš Đurić is a returnee one. They were recently deported from Norway, and now they are trying to get on their feet. Radoš lives with his wife and children Ivona (4) and Lana (1). We decided to provide them a freezer and four chairs.

In the exit from Osojane we visited the family of Snežana Dubić who lives with her six children: Igor (26), Velika (21), Leonid (20), Nataša (17), Žarko (11) and Ivana (6). They live very humble. They asked us to provide them an electric stove.

On our way to Kosovsko Pomoravlje we visited the village Berkovo, and family of Sava and Ljubinka Banjac, who live with their son Vesko (21). We agreed to get them a freezer and continued to martyr village Staro Gracko.

Unfortunately, Staro Gracko is known for the terrible crime commited by the Shiptar terrorists on July 1999, when they killed 14 reapers after the withdrawal of the Serbian army and police, although KFOR was already on Kosovo and Metohija. The youngest reaper Novica was 17 years old. In that gloomily village, still resisting the invade of Shiptars, who are trying to buy the houses and estates in and around the vilage, and are constantly provoking, we visited and helped three families. A teacher from the school, and a principal person in the village Zoran Stanković-Uča welcomed us, and helped us while we were visiting the families. We use this opportunity to thank him.

The first family we visited was the one of Sonja Živić, who lost a husband in the bloody harvest, and remained with mother-in-law and four children: Ivana (18), Aleksandra (16), Lazar (15) and Zorana (12). We bought: a bed, an electric stove and a vacuum cleaner.

In the neighborhood we found another family who lost its member in the bloody harvest. Radojica Stojanović lives with his wife Slavica and sons Nemanja (24) and Lazar (14). Radojica told us that his father lost his life during the harvest, and he also described the days before and after that terrorist act, and the role of the international „security“ forces in that event. It provoked another set of feelings of sorrow and anger in all of us.

At the end of that long day we visited the family of Jelena Cvejić. She is still mourning her husband Ljubiša, who was one of the victims in the harvest. She is taking care of her three children: Dragiša (20), Aleksandar (18) and Nikola (14). For this tormented family we bought several things: a double-decker bed, a bed, four chairs and a wood stove. This was the last official visit in this project.

We must also mention that we supplied the means for three goats that will go to the five-member family of Boban Ristić in the village Poneš, who is an employee of one of the charity kitchens, and who we failed to visit this time.

Our visit to Kosovo and Metohija was finished the next day, when we attended the holy liturgy in Gračanica monastery, during the celebration of the great holiday of the Assumption of the Theotokos – Velika Gospojina.

The conclusion after every visit and the help we deliver is unfortunately the same. The existence of the Serbs, especially after the enormous pressures lately is endangered. The stoves and beds are of little help in crucial moments when the Serbs don't know when the Shiptars will get a green light from its western mentors for the carrying out of their plans for the extermination of the remaining Serbian population.

The main purpose of this action (as is the case with the previous ones) is to visit and encourage our Obilićs and czarinas Milica to remain in the holy Serbian land, to support them, and to provide some elementary conditions to relieve the difficult moments they face at least a little bit. The future of Kosovo and Metohija, i.e. the Serbian people depend on the modern crusaders and Serbian enemies. Our organization can continue to make an effort to do whatever it can to be ready for various scenarios and to help our brothers and sisters when they need that the most, as we have done so far.

At the end, we want to send a message to individuals, associations, organizations, firms, to continue the fight in all fronts, according to their possibilities, for the preservation of Kosovo and Metohija in Serbia. In order to achieve that, we need to preserve the Serbian people in their centurial homes.

With the faith in God,
Predrag Marinković

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