November 30, 2011

New visit and help to Vršac

Mladen Matijasevic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /GALLERY/ /VIDEO/
On Sunday, November 20th, a four-member family of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade and Novi Sad, visited and helped families Medić and Vasić from Vršac. The help we delivered consisted of clothing, footwear, books, toys, school equipment, bathroom equipment, 6 chairs, paying the debt in the bakery and buying elementary groceries.
A two-member team from Novi Sad joined a two-member team from Belgrade, due to the amount of staff. We arrived at the Medić family first, and the army of children that welcomed us, helped us to get the things out of the car.
We bought chairs, equipment for the bathroom, payed the debt in the bakery, and bought some groceries in the amount of 22.000 dinars. After saying goodbye to the family, we hurried to witness the local football derby.
The youngest member of the Vasić family, Mladen, played in the derby. He managed to lessen the defeat of his team by scoring a goal.
We bought clothing, footwear, toys and books to the Vasić family. We could see that the house appliances are beginning to break down. The refridgerator, washing machine, beds, chandelierare in bad condition, everything except the stove we delivered in the last action. All the members of this family like to read a lot, so we call upon the people of good will to join us in the action of collecting the books. We said goodbye to the Vasić family, in the hope to be able to help them more in the next action.
With the faith in family and better life
Mladen Matijašević

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