June 23, 2016

New “Trojka iz Bloka” tournaments in New Belgrade

On May 29, in Block 23 in New Belgrade, Trojka iz Bloka celebrated a small jubilee – 5 years since the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs started this unique sports-charity project in 2012. Another birthday tournament of the Trojka iz Bloka was celebrated by getting together and shooting 3-pointers so as to help the Nikolic family from Obrenovac. The sum of 31,160 Dinars was raised from participation fees of 85 shooters, and the proud sponsor TK Gazela supported the aid project intended for the Nikolic family with 12,000 Dinars. That way, the total amount of money raised at the tournament was 43,360 Dinars, which will be used to build a new bathroom for the Nikolics! The idea born in 2012 has grown into a world famous spectacle and has become the symbol of humaneness, sport and fun. It has become a mission fighting for the future of children throughout Serbia and the region!

Over the last five years, the Trojka iz Bloka has built or renovated over 25 bathrooms and has started and finished many other projects, which has enabled healthier growing up of the youngest members of socially disadvantaged families. CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE and this is the reason we got together for the fifth time in the Block where it all started, to celebrate Trojka’s birthday with good deeds, good basketball and good music!

The biggest winner of the Blok 23 tournament will be the Nikolic family, and for them, but also for all of us, we organized another birthday tournament! For the first time, Trojka iz Bloka moved to another part of New Belgrade – to Paviljoni, on June 7, where we continued gathering and raising money for four Nikolic little ones, who urgently need a new bathroom!

Skabo from Beogradski Sindikat has been with us for five years, helping socially disadvantaged families. He contributed to this birthday as well, performing his raps, and he was joined by the guys from THC La Familija and young Uncle Dzo. Bore and Stefan put on a show full of laughter, rapping and inviting people to send SMS to the charity number 7763. The DJ, Sale L, was in a great mood, so great music was echoing across Novi Beograd, and everybody was either shooting 3-pointers or cheering! Once again, together we showed that we can help! Dance group Fly and boys and girls from Agi pasta, complemented what the Trojka iz Bloka is famous for – the magic of humaneness, sport and fun!

Greetings from the champions of Block 23!

At the court of “Laza Kostic” Primary school, there were many children, young and old people and they all came to watch the tournament which was born in their neighborhood. The stands were full and everybody was thrilled to be present at this memorable event. The event was complemented by the youngest cadets of the Hockey club Partizan, who played an exhibition match three on three, chasing the puck and showing they are there for their peers in need.

The birthday tournament was continued in Paviljoni, which hosted the Trojka iz Bloka for the first time. Despite the first time, the “Trojka” will be remembered in the best way possible. We were welcomed by Stanislav Karasi, Dusan Kecman, Jovica Antonic, Srecko Jaric, Goran Grbovic and Bane Markovic! At the courtyard of “Nadezda Petrovic” Primary School, there were bartenders from Bartenders Serbia Association who made non-alcoholic cocktails and thus raised 7,040 Dinars! There were also many other people who made this event a true spectacle – Jelena Mihajlovic, the best Serbian cello player, primary school students, dance group Avangarda, DJ Paja Koba33, big friend of the project, Tricky, as well as the host at the microphone, Stefan from THC La Familija!

Bravo for the humane bartenders!

The tournament was opened with the performance of the anthem by the “Nadezda Petrovic” Primary school choir, followed by the performance of the best cello player, who had been a guest at our tournaments earlier. Proud sponsors in Paviljoni were Vedro, Quest Playroom and Morelo Pastry, donating 7,000 Dinars each, as well as Melino relax, donating 20,000 Dinars. Proud donors were Pacific link with 5,000 Dinars and Suzana Milenkovic, with 1,955 Dinars.

The total amount raised at the tournament was 95,160 Dinars! Technical sponsor was Politehnika, and DN investment will donate a shower cabin for the Nikolic family from Obrenovac! The best “Trojka” shooters, out of 91 participants in Paviljoni, were Mirko Kolovic – first place, Strahinja Niksic – seond place, and Ilija Micic – third place.

Bravo for New Belgrade and happy birthday to all “Trojka” shooters! Moving on – THERE’S NO GIVING UP! CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

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