October 08, 2013

New SfS donations for the goat farm

Report from the Eparchy Charity Organization „Majka devet Jugovica“

Our brothers from the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs once again helped us and our project of the goat farm, and donated money for the furniture and appliances for the room in which the caretaker will spend his time. This is not the first time the SfS is helping the work of our organization and the families in any kind of help.

This charity organization, comprised of young and energetic people, is raising money for the large Serbian families, not only on Kosovo and Metohija, but accross Balkan, wherever there are endangered Serbs. Although most of its members are abroad, far away from their home, they are together with their brothers in trouble.

The word „thank you“, even said for countless times, is not enough for the expression of gratitude towards this young people, their dedication and altruism. Let us all have such hearts.  

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