July 18, 2016

New project – children playroom in Krajina

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs launched a project of reconstruction and equipping the educational playroom for children in the wider area of Zegar in Dalmatia. The project aims to provide a place where meager children of different ages in those areas can gather, play and learn. In cooperation with the local priesthood of the Diocese of Dalmatia who is the creator of this project, works on the renovation of the space of future playroom had begun.

A small house in the ownership of the Diocese of Dalmatia will be transformed into a place for play and learning, given that apart from the elementary school in Zegar there is no place where the children can gather. The plan is to rearrange the yard and install playground equipment and to capacitate three rooms in the interior of the house, each of which would have its purpose.

One room would be provided for the youngest children, another room would be provided for the school-age children, while the third room would be provided for the informal classes in which the children could learn more about Serbian history and tradition, religion and the Serbian language and letter. The project certainly deserves attention and it should be for the benefit of the whole meager Serbian community from that area.

The estimated financial value of the entire project is around 5,000 EUR, while the real value in the sense of preservation of culture and national identity of our children in Dalmatia is simply immeasurable.

We use this opportunity to call upon all the people of good will which have Krajina in their hearts to support this project which is financially modest, to brighten the childhood of our children at least a little bit and at the same time encourage them not to forget who they are and to which people they belong.

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