November 01, 2016

New playground soon in Dalmacija

Charity Organization "Serbs for Serbs" supported the project of making an educational playground for Serbian children in Zegar, Dalmacija. As we had been providing information during previous months, the works on the playground such as preparing the ground in the yard, fencing and placing playground equipment are already finished and only the interior and exterior of the house were to be done. Our organization deposited 3.500 € for that cause for providing complete construction material (material for a facade, ceramic tiles for the floor, laminate, tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, materials for whitewashing and painting the woodwork). The mentioned material was delivered last week and as it can be seen in the photos, installation of facade insulation is in progress.

The whole project was initiated and carried out by the Parish Obrenovac and a leading priest of Dalmatinska eparchy. Organization "Zegar u srcu" which also actively contributed to the project provided the material for arranging the backyard, fence and outside playground equipment whose value was 2.000 €. It is also important to mention that a lot of local people also joined and helped to build this playground and some of them were members of the families we previously helped.

After exterior and interior tasks have been finished, it is necessary to provide equipment for working and playing which means we need about 1.500 € more.

It is planned that the playground is opened until Christmas 2017. Although this kind of project is not typical for our organization, we think it is of great importance for life and education of children in that area who live in a kind of isolation and who need a place where they could gather, spend time together and at the same time learn something about their nation, language, culture and religion. This educational playground will always need more and various materials for playing (toys for different ages, board games, puzzles, picture books...) and education (different books, DVD movies, CDs, balls...) in order to function properly.

We invite all the people who are interested and who have some of the above-mentioned things to address us so we could make the playground more equipped and interesting for children of all ages together.

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