October 10, 2013

New home for Pecirep family

Within the large social project, commenced by Mrs. Marija Milada from Munich for helping a single mother Zorica Pecirep, members of the Charity action Serbs for Serbs from Canada joined this action and provided over $8.500 for buying new home. Zorica Pecirep until recently lived in a deserted barack without water, electricity and elementary living conditions with four children, Miodrag (17), Violeta (16), Vladimir (14) and Nikolina (11).

Mother Zorica with their children in old barack

Family Susko ceded a barack to Zorica, without the obligation to pay a rent. The authorities decided to demolish the barack, and the utility shut down the water over three years ago, because the family Pecirep couldn't pay the bills, so Zorica was forced to bring the water from a public fountain.

Hard life in barack for familiy Pecirep

The help Zorica is receiving amounts 125 KM. The oldest son Vladimir collects copper and iron. Also, Zorica sometimes cleans other houses for 20 KM, but that is not sufficient for a sack of flour.

The Center for social benefit provided two metres of firewood last winter, but it wasn't enough so Zorica was forced to collect branches with the help of neighbors.

Visit of Marija Milada and friends last winter

After an appeal in the media to provide the necesarry humanitarian aid for the Pecirep family, Mrs. Marija Milada from Munich, originating from Rogatica (Republic of Srpska), came to visit the family, and started collecting donations for buying a house near Visegrad that could suffice the needs of children. With the promise of the city and municipality authorities to contribute if the necesarry means are being collected, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Serbian Network from Canada decided to provide the remaining means and thus resolve the housing problem of the family.

SFS Canada and Serbian Network collected necessary money for new home

After several successfull charity actions in Canada, the money was quickly provided, and sent to the account of the organization Serbs for Serbs in the Republic of Srpska, which paid the seller. The remaining money was provided by the Serbian cultural-artistic societies in Germany and a vast number of the individual donors from Germany and other countries.

Family Pecirep with Mrs. Marija Milada

New house for family Pecirep

The total price of the house was 17.000 KM (approximately EUR 8.500), which was paid during August. After that, the house was officialy transfered to Zorica, and during September the municipality provided the necesarry works in the house. The seller left the furniture in the house, the kitchen, wood-burning stove, TV and 7 metres of firewood for the winter.

Unfortunately, the family still has several problems. The mother and the oldest son are ill, and therefor they can't find permanent job. Municipality Visegrad promised to provide 300 KM of social benefit, which will be enough for the elementary needs.

We call upon all the friends and donors of the organization worldwide to support the work of our organization in order to help the Serbian people, families, and above all, the endangered children.

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