November 27, 2016

New help for the Daraban family from Bijeljina

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped a six-member Daraban family from Bijeljina whom we previously visited during November. This family has four underaged children. We helped them by buying materials for installing a new bathroom with a value of 2.934 BAM. The family consists of the fatherIlijа with his wife Snezana and their for childrenIlijа (11), Gabrijel (13), Dijana (15), and Ivana (16). During the first visit, the family was provided with logs and a wood burning cook stove, and our hearts were filled with happiness. In that time, we gave our best to make the winter as warm as we can for that family.

 Part of the construction material for future bathroom

We didn’t give up from the idea to give the Daraban family a bathroom. Currently, they are using an old bathroom attached besides the house in the yard which is very small.

 Cuurent bathroom of the Daraban family (in the right corner, behind agitator)

Talking with the father, Ilije, we came upon an agreement on buying the materials for building an entrance hall together with the bathroom under the same roof. Shortly after the visit, with the help of the donators – people with big hearts, we raised the money necessary for buying the materials.

 Place where the new bathroom will be constructed (instead of a shed)

 House of Daraban family

By occupation, ilije is a construction worker, who is the breadwinner for his family and the materials we bought for him is a great help. Ilije will continue building the new bathroom together with his hard-working family.

We are hoping to a soon ending of the works so the family could have the bathroom they deserve. The Daraban family is very thankful for one more help that our organization provided for them.

We have yet another happy family who is fighting for a better tomorrow, who knows how to appreciate the help. They are grateful to all the donators who helped them!

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