January 02, 2011

New Help for Milic Family

Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro visited before the end of 2010 refugee family from Kosovo and Metohija - Milici in Podgorica, Montenegro. A kind of New Year's help for Family Milic is primarily fire-wood for heating (confirmation) and this help was really  necessary, and to help itself came at the right moment, when cold days started. Of course,we help this family with some food (bill) . Complete support was in the amount of 500 euros.



As always, we were greeted warmly in the House of Milic family. Their host and head of the family father Milan is still at the hospital Brezovik, and his head role is bravely but slowly take by the boys - twins. It was nice to see them to cleave the wood, enough to replace her mother. Thank God, the children were healthy and well and hope they will come to the right path and that our humanitarian organizations will do at least a small step to help that really happen.

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