October 29, 2012

New help for Gutalj family from Pale

The crisis in the Republic of Srpska strikes the families for which we thought they wouldn’t need more help. The families for which we provided mechanization manage to satisfy their needs, but the ones the helped on a humble manner are in a lack of money.
The pensions are decreasing, the children after the age of 15 don’t have the right to a child benefit, the budgets of the municipalities are decreasing as well, so many families need to beg for food.
Family Ćoda receives a decreased pension from 480 KM to 290 KM. The boys Marko and Miloš are over 15, so they don’t receive a child benefit. They are excellent sportsmen. Milica (3rd grade in high school) is cleaning the houses in order to help her mom, but there is less and less job. She didn’t earn money this month, and due to the error in the Pension fund they didn’t receive the pension. They can’t provide bread, nor pay the electricity. The boy’s trainer is helping as much as he can, but people just don’t have enough money.
The Electrodistribution agreed to wait until they receive the pension on the following month, upon our request. The electricity is not going to be cut off, because Ranka is not in debts. She has always managed to pay her obligations, but she has less money than before. We managed to provide a one-time payment from the Pension Fund for them, in the amount of 40 KM. Only God can help them to get through the month.
The Gutalj family has been in difficult situation for quite some time. The electricity is cut off. The Red Cross has donated them some food for the third time. Nemanja needs to see a doctor in Banjaluka, which is currently impossible for them to achieve.
We paid part of the debt for them in order to get them the electricity back. Sonja Blagojević who joined the organization as a volunteer donated a TV to them, because it has been a luxury for them for a while. We asked the local Red Cross to try donating them some flour, but they are also in problems.
We are afraid to call other families we helped before. We hope that they are in a better situation. When the children grow up, it is difficult to say what they would encounter, because they are not likely to find jobs.

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