September 21, 2016

New help for family Jevtic from Vlasenica

Members of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska re-visited and helped the six-member family Jevtic, who lives in the village of Jevtici located 10 km from Vlasenica. The head of the family Cvijetin with his wife Dragana has four sons, Mitar (15), Slavoljub (13), Zeljko (11) and the youngest Marko (8). During September the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs has provided the material for the roof construction in the amount of 2,471 BAM.

Family Jevtic with provided material for the roof

The Jevtic family currently lives in two rooms of the house that is in the possession of Cvijetin’s brother and in poor condition, namely prior to the collapse. On his part of the property near the current home where they live, Cvijetin has built one floor of a new house, and it is standing in the walls as can be seen on the photos. Meanwhile, he managed to provide the used joinery and thus he asked for help in building materials for casting the slab for which he had no funds. In June this year, members of the organization have helped family Jevtic for the first time and on that occasion it has been provided with the building material in the amount of 1,168 BAM for continuation of works on their house.

Cvijetin has managed to build the first floor of the house with his friends and family, and with the help of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs he managed to cast the slab and prepare the house for the setting of the roof structure. Part of the funds with which the organization helped family Jevtic was collected on sports-charity tournament “Trojka iz bloka” which was held on 16th of July this year in Vlasenica, when we collected 1,450 BAM.

The amount of help which we have provided for family Jevtic so far is 3,639 BAM!

Smiling sons of family Jevtic

Great thanks go to all our donors with a big heart who, through their charitable contributions, have enabled the family Jevtic to commence with the works, and we hope soon to move to their new house.

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