December 09, 2015

New help for family Djuric from KiM

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS delivered additional help to Djuric family from the Crepulja village in the Zubin Potok municipality on Kosovo and Metohija. The Djuric family was first visited during the Easter action, and we helped them at the end of October by providing electrical installations for the new house. The Djuric family consists of Zoran and Biljana, and their niece Danijela (24) and nephew Velisa (24) with his wife Tanja (19) and one-year old son Stefan. On this occasion we delivered door, windows and provided inner plastering in the new house. We owe great thank to the brotherhood of the Visoki Decani monastery who helped us in realization of this action.

Current look of the new Djuric house

Uncle Zoran in the new living room

The twins Danijela and Velisa were abandoned by their parents when they were 3 years old, and uncle Zoran took care of them.

Future bathroom with new door and window

At the moment, all the family members live in the old house, as long as the new house which is being built is not suitable.

Room in the old house where the Djuric family currently lives

The youngest member of the family Stefan Djuric

Beautiful sight from the family Djuric courtyard

We call upon all the donors worldwide to support this and other numerous projects of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS through REGULAR MONTHLY DONATIONS so that necessary help could reach the great number of socially disadvantaged families and their children as soon as possible.

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