August 31, 2016

New help for family Davidovic from the Republic of Srpska

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided two new tractor rear tires to the six-member family Davidovic from the village of Marini near Prijedor. To recall, the family Davidovic consists of father Dalibor and mother Vesna and their four children: Nikolina (9), Dejan (7), Natasa (6) and Pavle (3). At the beginning of this year we provided tractor to the family. Given that the tires on the tractor which we purchased were already old, and it became very risky to go into the forest with them, but that the family was not yet able to acquire new tires on its own, father of the family Dalibor turned to us asking for help. On this occasion, we bought two internal and two external rear tires of the tractor, and the total value of the action amounted to 1,373.58 BAM.


During our visit to the family, we were reassured that the biggest problem of the family still consists in the location of their house. Namely, as we reported, the house is situated approximately 20 kilometers from Prijedor on mostly gravel road, and additional kilometer and a half of almost impassable forest road leads to the gravel road.

Older son Dejan beside the tractor

It further, unfortunately, entails other problems – there are fewer people who surround family Davidovic and where members of the family can work for a wage and earn money; the elementary school is far away, and the children will have to attend the high school in Prijedor; the hospital is also far away; and the road is largely impassable during the winter time.

The only solution for the family is to move to some of the Prijedor suburban areas, so that it could be closer to the town and have the opportunity to continue to engage in agriculture. Our organization, in the following long-term period, will certainly try to provide a house and a property to the family and move them there with the help of donors and, primarily, state institutions.

The youngest Pavle Davidovic beside new tire for tractor

Until then, we once again call upon all friends and donors of the organization to get involved in fundraising according to their possibilities and thus help the work of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs.

Pavle, Nikolina (with a bonny) and Natasa Davidovic

With faith in God!
SFS Republic of Srpska

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